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Finally the ball is rolling again. The 2018 World Cup in Russia (14. June to 15. July) puts many fans in a state of emergency. Houses, balconies and even vehicles are decorated with colorful bunting, flags and other fan merchandise. There are rules to follow for fan equipment and for motorcades. We enlighten you.

As with any major soccer tournament, the streets become more colorful. A real soccer fan decorates his car in the national colors again for the World Cup. The range of fan articles is now huge: whether flags, stickers, mini jerseys, mirror socks, pennants or the wiper hand. The selection and variety of decorative items is growing from tournament to tournament.

The decoration does not hold at every speed

Nevertheless, the following applies: The fan gimmicks must be correctly attached and must not become a danger. In Germany, it is generally allowed to decorate your car with flags. But: the driver's view must not be disturbed. The decoration must also be fixed in such a way that it cannot come loose and endanger others.

The flags that are simply clamped to the side windows are almost a classic. However with the flags usually an assembly instruction or warning notes are missing. From 50 km/h the thin plastic bar bends backwards. At a speed of about 100 km/h the flags already blow away, as an Auto Club Europa (ACE) test showed. The highways are thereby involuntarily more colorful and littered by the flags flown off. Therefore: You should only drive with flags in city traffic and take them off before driving on the freeway. Basically: waving flags out of the window is officially forbidden.

Only with the right stop

The magnetic flag, which is made on the door, should hold up to a maximum of 120 km/h. Even at speeds above 200 km/h, the magnetic flags stay in place. Before the journey on the freeway these should be nevertheless taken off for safety's sake.

Growing popularity enjoys the hood cover. With the fan article is especially the right size crucial. If the cover is well fixed and does not wrinkle, it is bombproof and does not flutter or shift, even at higher speeds.

The magnetic fan fin is recommended by the manufacturer only up to speeds of 130 km/h. In stormy weather and windy conditions it is advisable to dispense with the fan flags. In addition, people with pacemakers should stay away from the magnet, and caution is also advised when handling credit cards and data carriers near the fins. There is a risk of data loss. In addition it must be paid attention whether the roof or other places at the car are really magnetic. The fan fin should be removed before driving on the freeway.

Not everything is suitable

The mirror socks are to be considered particularly critical. Especially for vehicles with integrated turn signal lights in the mirror it is not advisable to mount them. According to road traffic regulations, the turn signal must not be covered and the mirror surface must not be impaired. In addition, covering the mirror can lead to a system failure of the blind spot, traffic sign and high beam assist systems as well as the electronic stability program (ESP). In addition, the overcoats tend to say goodbye when incorrectly mounted in the airstream.

The same applies to the rear wiper hand. While this decorative item does brighten up drivers following behind in rainy weather, the grip is questionable. According to an ACE test, the hand did not pass the endurance test. Only in the standstill held these without hesitation. But after about five times wiping the hand said goodbye.

Celebrating in a motorcade – what is allowed??

Strictly speaking, motorcades are prohibited. Because: According to §30 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), useless driving back and forth within built-up areas is prohibited and can be punished with a warning fine of at least 20 euros. Actually, the parade should be registered and approved as an event.

Also non-stop honking orgies and the permanent switching on of the hazard warning lights are also actually regulatory offences. If residents complain about the noise, the police can break up a parade and impose fines (general consideration requirement) – then at least 35 euros are due.

In contrast, the situation is different in the case of endangerment, gross traffic violations and criminal offenses. Drinking and driving – as low as 0.3 per mille – or running red lights are punishable by fines and points in Flensburg, despite snail's pace and even during the World Cup.

Insurance coverage expires

During the corso, all vehicle occupants must remain buckled up – even at walking speed. In addition, you should also not lean out of the window, sunroof or convertible, because in addition to the high risk of an accident, there is the additional risk of voiding your insurance coverage. If something happens to the passengers, the driver is usually liable for the damage. If, however, the passenger is clearly at fault, he or she may be responsible in individual cases. The health insurance company pays the treatment costs in any case. And: The maximum number of persons in a car must of course not be exceeded.

In principle, liability insurance will cover the loss of a scarf or flag that causes damage to another vehicle. If, however, the person responsible cannot be identified, the injured parties must pay for the damage themselves.


During the World Cup, the motorcade is part of the victory celebration for many people. However, one should follow some rules of conduct. The car may be decorated with fan paraphernalia, but the driver should have a clear view at all times. There is a fine of 60 euros if the load – window flags and other paraphernalia – poses a hazard. Proper fastening of the decorative elements is therefore mandatory. During intercity and motorway journeys, flags, mirror socks and co. to be removed. The high speeds are not the main problem, but the wind, the lateral impacts and the suction that can occur when overtaking trucks or on bridges. The StVO is to be considered despite the "exceptional situation. Violations are punishable by penalties. Experience has shown that the police sometimes turn a blind eye during the World Cup – but you shouldn't necessarily rely on it.

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