“Whining at a high level”

When decisions come "from above the grassroots are quick to criticize. Especially when it comes to your own wallet. In this particular case, part of the fees will no longer be paid into the coffers of the table tennis districts, but will go to the bavarian table tennis association. "This was decided by the association committee with the majority of the district chairmen", says joachim car. The district chairman of unterfranken stands behind this decision. "In the past, there was much more funding for table tennis from the state, which could finance about 30 percent of the total budget. Now this share does not make ten percent."

Every year, each table tennis club pays ten euros to the association for each active adult player and four euros for each youth player. In the past ten years, however, 250 associations have disappeared from the map throughout bavaria. With them many players. Their contributions are now missing from the association's budget. "And that is really tightly knit", female of the fuchsstadter.

Fees for non-attendance
And does not understand at all the critical votes of the regulation coming into force in september. "The only thing that is affected are the fees for non-participation, reduced participation and withdrawal of a team. All other fees remain in the county or district."

What makes it so worthwhile from the association's point of view is the uncomplicated collection of the fees. About the computer program "click-TT", which was introduced about three years ago each home club must report the game statistics, within 48 hours the guest to confirm the data. If proper fees are incurred, this is automatically determined by the program and the clubs are invoiced for it. Practically.

"In the past, this was done by the district administrators or those responsible for the leagues. Now some people feel as if they have been demoralized", female car. Obviously, the counties are not in a bad financial situation. "As a rule, the return of 1000 euros is enough. After all, the districts are not supposed to hoard money and don't need any assets. That is whining at a high level", says the 55-year-old. And: "if a district really got into trouble, the association would help as a matter of course.

Joachim paul can live well with the new regulation. "I do not mind. Our budgets are roughly planned without these fees", says the chairman of the table tennis circle rhon. And is thus on the same wavelength as joachim car. Because: "some counties claim that one third of their budget is made up of the regular fees. For me, this is an approach that needs to be questioned. I think this is unserious."

Withdrawal will be expensive
In the rhon table tennis district, the expected financial losses remain within bounds. "We're talking about amounts in the high double digits per year", betrayal joachim paul. An "expensive" withdrawal of a team for example costs 50 euro, a no-show 20 euro. Every circle is financed especially by basic and team fees.

Since 2000, the professional officer joachim car, who lives in hammelburg, has been at the helm of the district. And therefore knows its pappenheimer. "Sometimes a fee was not collected at all, for whatever reason. The current system is therefore much fairer, because every offense is punished. And the bose is now no longer the functionary from the county or district, but the association."