What car rental options are there to visit malaga?

Vacation! A perfect time to visit places of interest. What better way to do this than to leave your suitcases in Malaga in Spain? It is even better to visit it with a rental car! From the Alcazaba to the museums and the beautiful beaches, discover the beauty of this city and spend an unforgettable vacation.

Delpaso Car Hire is a car rental company located in Malaga, on the coast. It offers tourists different types of cars at affordable prices. What car rental alternatives are available at Delpaso and why you should trust it?

Cheap and compact cars

Economy and compact class cars are very popular among tourists and ideal for small and medium budgets. With seating for four and a spacious, small trunk in the compact or. Spark class they consume little fuel and are suitable for short trips to medium distances. Although they do not offer much space, they can be parked very easily. ou can rent a car at the Delpso agency on the following website: https://www.delpasocarhire.com/en/book

Sedan and minivan type cars

Visiting Malaga in a group or with the family can be more interesting. So you would need a sedan or a minivan, which you can easily rent from Delpaso Car Hire. It is also suitable for tourists who love the place and offers many advantages. You can opt for a converted minivan and have both a shelter and a means of transportation. It has the advantage of saving you money on simple pleasures and beautiful memories. Ideal for long distances , they can drive anywhere and be easily parked.

Family cars for 7 to 9 people

Delpaso Car Hire offers large families and groups the opportunity to visit Malaga and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. With vehicles with 7 to 9 seats such as SUVs , minivans with more than 5 or 6 seats, tourists have the opportunity to travel long distances at affordable prices. These cars are very spacious and can accommodate a large number of luggage while providing comfort to passengers.

Premium and luxury class cars

The luxury or premium class, suitable for those with a large or unlimited budget, is also known as the upper class and offers a completely different dimension for a visit to Malaga. These fast and aesthetic cars, available at DelPaso DE, will refine your trip. Luxury cars are ideal for big celebrations and business trips, but they are expensive to maintain and don't offer a way to save money.

Why you should trust Delpaso Car Hire?

Delpaso Car Hire offers you many advantages and completely new car rental possibilities. At Delpaso Car Hire, the tourist benefits from VAT insurance and very competitive prices for high quality cars. Regardless of your standard of living, you have the option of renting cars in good condition. You will also benefit from a free bus that will take you from the airport to the Delpaso Car Hire offices in just five minutes to rent your car.

Delpaso Car Hire offers many advantages to tourists who want to visit the city of Malaga. Four main types of cars are available to you at reasonable prices. Here's how to benefit from a high level of comfort and a memorable travel experience. Visit the agency's website to explore the wide selection of vehicles, make your reservation and more.

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