Traces of the city chop: hutten still standing

traces of the city chop: hutten still standing

The town pub of the kitzingen town marketing association at the town balcony in summer was a success under the conditions and restrictions of the corona pandemic and a joy for many people. Some passers-by are less pleased that even in the first week of november, traces of the "stadtschoppen" can still be seen at the town balcony in sthashaus – for example in the form of barriers that have been "crisscrossed" there in the meantime are distributed, as a contributor of this editorial office has reported. Sales hats from the stadtschoppen are also still in place, barricaded and locked. At least the red and white warning barks, which were also still there in the middle of the week, have been picked up in the meantime.

The fact that hutten and gitter are still there is due to considerations by the city marketing association to possibly put on an event there during the advent season after all. "We’re still keeping a plan B open, reports frank gimperlein at the request of this editorial team. In principle, the city marketing association had liked "a kind of christmas market or something similar" planned, says the chairman of the city marketing association. But in view of the current partial lockdown and the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic, those responsible had to wait and see and then react spontaneously when it became clear in the second half of november which restrictions would apply beyond the end of the month.

However, as soon as it was clear that the lockdown would continue in december, during the advent season, the hats on the etwashauser town balcony were dismantled, gimperlein announces.