Tips from the police on the main night so it doesn’t end badly…


The night of the first of May is coming up. Setting the maypole, celebrating, … in order not to get into trouble unintentionally the police gives some tips.

The Mainacht approaches. To the custom of the "Dance into May" many young people and young adults celebrate exuberantly and put their partners (all leap years also the women to the men) May trees. However, the maypole transport is associated with some "difficulties" depending on the size and weight.

The police repeatedly come across vehicles and trailers with maypoles that pose a high risk potential in road traffic, for example due to incorrect load securing or lack of lighting. At best, this is only a misdemeanor, but it can also end with a ban on further travel.

In the worst case it ends in a criminal procedure, the expiration of the insurance protection and/or a damage or a traffic accident.

Quite basically:

Even if the Mainacht, with all its facets, is part of our tradition, no traffic law exemptions can be claimed here because of "customs"! This applies in particular to the transport of persons on trailers, etc.

Notes on transporting people on trailers:

No trailer is designed for transporting people on the road (fall protection, etc).). In the event of a claim or. in case of a traffic accident, insurance coverage would be questionable.

In the case of unlawful transport of persons on an agricultural trailer that is not subject to registration, this trailer can become subject to registration. Offences according to the compulsory insurance law and the motor vehicle tax law could then be relevant.

Notes on the driver's license:

Agricultural tractors are often used. Whether transporting maypoles on May night is an agricultural or forestry purpose must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. However, this earmarking is mandatory for the driving license classes L or T. Otherwise, at least the driving license class B / BE would be required.

Cargo security tips:

Anyone transporting trees on vehicles or trailers should always do so in accordance with load securement regulations.

It is important to have at least two suitable load securing devices (lashing straps, etc.) and suitable lashing points are used (cords, ropes, wire or similar are not suitable for securing loads)!

  • Overhanging cargo must not obscure vehicle lighting fixtures or license plates.
  • From a vehicle overhang of one meter, the load overhang must be made clearly visible by means of a red flag or sign.
  • In the dark, the cargo overhang from 1 meter must be made clearly visible with a red light and a red reflector!
  • The load may not protrude more than 3 meters beyond the rear edge of the vehicle (in this case the transport distance may not exceed 100 km)!
  • The total length of the train, including the maximum cargo overhang of 3 meters, must not exceed 20.75 meters.
  • The load may only protrude to the front from a height of 2.5 meters and then only a maximum of 0.5 meters.

And of course, don't drink if you have to drive a motor vehicle! The police of the Rhine-Sieg district will carry out more checks regarding the consumption of alcohol in connection with driving a motor vehicle. Likewise, it will check cargo safety, passenger transport and licensing regulations. We want ALL of you to arrive safely at your destination.
Have a nice dance into May.

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