The staff stands by the change of location

The staff stands by the change of location

At the same time, there is already a sense of optimism in the ranks of the workforce. The initial skepticism has meanwhile given way to the realization that relocating the company to the gates of westheim is the only way to expand further. In arnstein, everything is bursting at the seams.

"The 30 kilometers or so of easy road to westheim are manageable", says walter kimmel. He works in hose production and has been a member of the company's core workforce for over 20 years. "Of course, arnstein is just outside the city. We've gotten used to that, he lets it be known that the future driving will of course be a greater burden. For bayern munich fan vincent albert, too, the most important thing is to maintain and secure jobs. "I'm happy to go to westheim for that too."

Almost all employees relocate to westheim

Managing director hans-dieter bohmer, who has been with the former family business for 45 years, can count on almost all of his colleagues after the move. "That makes it easier for us to start there." Bohmer did not want to rule out the possibility that further staff would be needed if the order situation remained good. "I have now received the first applications from the hammelburg area."
At the moment, preparations are underway for the expansion of the building on the ex-brachot site in the saale valley business park. A new building for deliveries is to be added to the hall taken over from brachot as soon as possible. Hose production is established in another new section of the building. "This will be one of our showpieces", schwarmt bohmer of the implementation of the plan that has long been finished on the friction board. The construction tender has been issued, now the bids from the companies are coming in. The extension buildings are due to be completed by the end of february at the latest. Schmitter hydraulik gmbh is investing around 4.5 million euros in relocating the company to westheim.

Here, the boss still knows every employee by name

When you walk through the company in arnstein, you notice that the boss knows every employee by name. The working atmosphere seems to be good. The overall noise level is also surprisingly low. "There are no noisy machines here", bohmer clarifies. "We are also not a shift operation, but only work during the day." Everything points to amicable, good neighborly relations.
Schmitter hydraulik gmbh sees itself as a wholesaler for hydraulic systems, connection techniques, valves with accessories, hose lines for hydraulics. The product range also includes connections for air brake systems and low-pressure systems. "Around 80 percent of our customers are based in germany." Annual sales in 2010 amounted to around 14 million euros. "Tendency increasing", informs the managing director.

Soon a little shorter tread

As soon as the company has relocated to westheim and the "store" is ready for use, we will be there there runs, liked the endsechziger bohmer somewhat more briefly step. With daughter theresa meder as head of the human resources department and son-in-law andreas as head of sales, both at home in gauaschach, the future generation of company management is already in the starting blocks.