The bundesliga dream comes true for sg ebersdorf

The Bundesliga dream comes true for sg ebersdorf

It is done! After two attempts in 2016 and 2017 to reach bundesliga heights, ebersdorf has not only achieved its season goal of qualifying for the promotion competitions, but has also secured a place in the second-highest german league for air pistol shooters for the coming season in its third attempt.

As runners-up of the bavarian league north-east, the five ebersdorf shooters benjamin graf, waldemar penner, jan wagner, florian milles and team leader torsten spickmann went into the nerve-racking comparisons with seven other first- and second-placed teams from all bavarian leagues on the olympia shooting range in garching-hochbruck on.

A little "used to" the quieter bavarian league rounds in pfreimd (upper palatinate), however, the ebersdorf team had to acclimatize to the tense and noisy atmosphere during the competition. "That made us at the beginning already something to create", according to spickmann "but when it’s on, it’s on"!". This finally resulted in the third overall place.

"We are bundesliga!"

With an extinguishing "gschafft hammers" team leader torsten spickmann commented visibly relieved and highly satisfied with the team’s performance after the exciting final evaluation. For the first time in the club history of the SG ebersdorf, a team has prepared itself for higher consecrations – with perseverance in the past bavarian league seasons, with constant good performances and with a consistent will to win.

Unerring and strong nerves

In the direct ring comparison, ebersdorf – inspired by the good opening result with 1833 rings and 3rd place in the preliminaries – kept its nerve in the second round as well and completed it with a similarly superior score (1831). The addition of both round results gave the team a deserved 3rd place after the first round (3664).

The SG 1898 thumsenreuth (3634), first in the bavarian league north-east, followed in fourth place with a gap of 30 players.

The individual results from the first and second rounds: benjamin graf (371 rings/366), waldemar penner (373/374), torsten spickmann (366/368), florian milles (365/362) and jan wagner (358/361).

The two promoted to the second highest german air pistol league group sud are as winner the HSG munchen II (3701 total rings) and as second placed the bogenschutzen grund with 3672 rings.

This means that starting in october, the ebersdorfer selection will be the only team from upper franconia in a total of nine teams in southern germany to confirm these above-average performances on six days of competition until january 2020.

The ebersdorfers will also have to face new challenges in the competition and in staging a day of competition.