Save the “gray long-eared bat

Save the

In kitzingen especially in the districts siedlung, hoheim, industrial area goldberg and in the technology park connekt the "grey long-eared" is resident.

The gray long-eared bat is a rare species in bavaria that lives only in very small colonies, it says in a press release. In the last 25 years the number of animals that could be paid in the winter quarters is decreasing. That is why it is classified as critically endangered in the red list of bavaria. Gray long-eareds prefer warm valleys, with special crops such as vineyards or orchards. In the climatically favored wine district of kitzingen, we therefore have a special responsibility for this kind of.

In 2018 and 2019, initial surveys were carried out in the relevant areas to learn more about the way of life of this species of bat. Experts know where these bats live, where they hunt and rest and can now improve these habitats in a targeted manner. In the immediate vicinity of the colony, meadows are being enriched, hedges and trees are being planted, flower meadows are being created, natural gardens are being called for, and the night is being preserved. New quarters will be created and known quarters will be preserved. This applied nature conservation project, called "back to diversity – landscape enrichment not only for the grey long-eared bat", will run until autumn 2020.

Gray long-eared bats live as cultural successors directly in our settlements. Without the help of the population, without an understanding of the needs of this special bat species, its preservation will be difficult to achieve. Therefore, public relations and environmental education is a central part of this project.

The coordination office for bat protection in northern bavaria at the university of erlangen conducts the species assistance program for the endangered bat on behalf of the bavarian state office for the environment.

For the kick-off event on wednesday, 3. July, at 8 p.M. At the district center, konigsberger str. 11, all citizens of the areas kitzingen siedlung, local part hoheim and mainbernheim, the businessmen at the goldberg and connekt, as well as schools, kindergarten and associations are invited. After an impulse lecture of diplom biologist burkard pfeiffer of the coordination office bat protection, possibilities are shown, how this bat species can be supported.