Resentment grows in fee dispute at forchheim cemetery

Resentment grows in fee dispute at forchheim cemetery

Raimund kupfer is the spokesman of a community of interest (IG), behind which stand about two thousand citizens of the city. On the lists of the IG "uberhohte grabgebuhren" have signed 1744 forchheimer, which oppose the calculation of the grave fees to the defense.

"We stopped collecting signatures, but we easily got 2500", says copper. When the spokesman for IG jungst was out of town for a week and then checked his answering machine, he could not keep from receiving new inquiries. ."People are now getting the bills and then many remember that there is a community of interest and come forward.", says copper.

This community is still behaving patiently. But the displeasure is evident. About from the latest press release of the IG. It says: already in september we talked with the administration and the mayor: "we were assured that within two to three weeks the operating costs account for the year 2012 will be prepared and presented. This is after several inquiries by the IG on 28. November will be."

This result shows that the objections of the IG "are justified, because the cost level on which the calculation is based was not achieved". In the meantime, the IG has gone through further documents and complains more and more urgently "that the cost estimate is excessive". Based on all the findings so far, the city will not be able to avoid a significant reduction in grave fees, the IG activists emphasize.

Franka struve, the city's press spokeswoman, said yesterday: first the issue must be presented to the city council. "Until then, silence is agreed."

The IG regrets "again vertrostet" to be. Especially since the situation is clear from the point of view of raimund kupfer. He does not yet want to give a figure for how much the burial fees will fall. But that they will go down is irrefutable. "We would win any lawsuit. But we want a good agreement", says copper. And gives an example: in the previous calculation, the fee for the mortuary was also added to the grave fee – regardless of whether it was used or not. "This is not admissible. That alone accounts for eight euros per year." But that is only one factor that is miscalculated, says raimund kupfer: "many factors are overestimated in the city's calculations."

4025 euro for a double grave
Reminder: before the increase of the fees, a single grave cost twelve euros per year; now it's 43 euros. The increase in the number of double graves is crass. 360 euros cost a double grave when it was used for 15 years. Recently it has to be used for 25 years. With meanwhile 161 euro fees per year the double grave costs then 4025 euro.