Renting a sports car without a credit card – what to bear in mind

Driving a luxurious sports car is one of the dreams of many car enthusiasts. However, it is not uncommon for a credit card to be required for this purpose, which can be used, for example, to deposit the security very easily. It is definitely one of the most used payment methods on the market at the moment. Nevertheless, even car enthusiasts without a credit card have a chance. Some rental companies now offer to rent sports cars without having to present a credit card. In this guide the most important tips are summarized.

What are the costs of renting a sports car??

Depending on which model is selected, the rental of a sporty luxury car can go quite in the money. As a rule, the following costs are incurred:

  • Daily flat rate (often 100 to 150 km are already included)
  • Gasoline
  • Additional services (such as second driver)

If you plan carefully, you can reduce the costs. Thus the lump sums are in particular during the week usually smaller than on weekends or holidays.

Comprehensive insurance is usually mandatory. After all, the car to be rented is usually particularly expensive. Also, as a rule, no one can avoid paying a deposit. There are now rental companies that offer sports cars for rent without a deposit. However, these are rather the exception.

Especially for the deposit a credit card has decisive advantages. So here the chosen amount can simply be blocked and released after the end of the trip – a minimum of administrative effort.

Red Ferrari F8 Tributo in the sunset from the front

Credit card, EC card or cash payment? These means of payment are possible

As already mentioned, the credit card payment is very popular. Quickly and easily the desired amounts can be debited or deposited as a security deposit. But other payment methods are now also possible. Depending on the provider, it may be necessary to pay additionally as follows:

Here, however, it is important to obtain information ideally some time in advance. If you want to pay by direct debit, for example, you often have to have the amount debited several days in advance. The same applies to payment on account. Basically, especially for early bookers, there is the option to pay for the sports car at the rental alternatively.

Furthermore, it should be clear: Who can not or does not want to pay by credit card, limits itself in terms of rental company selection significantly. There are rather few, which set on deviating payment methods.

Rent a sports car with the right credit card

It is much easier to rent with a credit card. However, there are also some things to consider here. Thus, not every card is recognized under certain circumstances. VISA, Master Card and American Express are mostly accepted everywhere.

Furthermore, the acceptance of the rental payment and deposit can be different in each case. Under certain circumstances, the same card cannot be used for both transactions. With some organizers, however, rent and deposit must be paid with the same card. It is in any case sensible to inform yourself in advance about the conditions at your own bank and the sports car rental company.

Usually only internationally recognized credit cards with a credit limit are accepted. Furthermore, they should be issued in the name of the main driver.

The advantages of a credit card – renting a sports car is quick and easy

A sports car for rent is much less complicated to have with a credit card than without it. The advantages for the organizer/renter are obvious: The debit is immediate and blocking the deposit amount is easily possible. This way the car owner is maximally secured.

Under certain circumstances it is possible to avoid the payment of a deposit. Some providers also allow renting without a deposit. In such cases, special insurances take effect or an object of value, such as the own vehicle, is retained as a substitute for the deposit.

Yes, even without a credit card you can rent a sports car

The credit card has definitely established itself as the main means of payment in sports car rental. Amounts can be debited quickly and a deposit can be made in an uncomplicated manner. Some providers alternatively allow the deposit of valuables. In foreign countries, you may be able to pay the deposit in cash.

Renting a sports car without a credit card is possible with selected rental companies. Alternative payment methods are offered here, such as cash, on account or by debit card. Payment by debit card, on the other hand, is not very common. Often a somewhat longer lead time is required to ensure that debits and transfers can be made on time. At the start of the trip, the required amounts must be paid.

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