Rent a car in chiang mai

Rental car Chiang Mai

The best way to explore the Chiang Mai area is to rent a car.

The advantages of renting a car are that one is more independent and flexible to see the many sights in the vicinity of Chiang Mai. Especially for several people, a rental car is likely to be a better and cheaper choice than booking expensive excursions, where each person has to pay the full price of the trip.

Driving in Chiang Mai:

If you already have problems with traffic in Germany, it is better not to rent a car. For experienced drivers, who can also cope with left-hand traffic, the road traffic should not be a problem.

The roads in and outside Chiang Mai are in good condition and well signposted. However, it would be advisable to have a navigation system, which makes orientation much easier. Especially for tourists who come to Chiang Mai for the first time, a navigation system is indispensable, because it saves a lot of time to get to your destination.

Who only wants to explore the city center with a rental car, should leave it, on foot or with the Tuk Tuk it is faster and more comfortable than with a rental car, besides, there are many one-way streets and a lack of parking spaces.

Rent a car in Chiang Mai – What do I have to pay attention to?

Many private car rental companies may be reputable, but the coverage of the liability insurance is much lower than that of a rental car booked from Germany, where the coverage is increased by an additional insurance. Insurance is included, which covers damage to underbody, glass and tires, as well as a usable comprehensive insurance.

When renting a car, depending on the provider, a deposit of approx. 5000 – 20.000 Baht must be deposited with the credit card, which will be retained by the rental company in case of damage. In case of a rental car booked in Germany, the retained deposit will be refunded by the additional insurance company.

On the question which rental car is the best, I can recommend a small car like the Toyota Vios or Altis. These are cheap to have and offer enough space for up to four people. Another advantage is the low fuel consumption and in the city, with sometimes narrow streets, it is better to drive than z.b. with a pick up.

If you want to rent a pick up and think you can drive on unpaved roads like gravel roads, you might be right, but you should read the insurance conditions carefully beforehand. The insurance coverage expires with many providers, if you drive with the rental car on unpaved roads, even if you have rented an off-road vehicle.

Useful infos about car rental in Thailand you can find here: Thailand Car Hire Tips.

Recommended car rental in Chiang Mai:

There are many car rental companies in Chiang Mai, but to be on the safe side, you should book your rental car in advance in Germany with a tour operator, where better insurance services are included.

Good rental car providers in Chiang Mai are the car rental companies Thai Rent a Car or National. With these providers I have so far always driven well. Also advantageous is that their offices are represented at the airport.

If you want to save a few euros on insufficient insurance coverage when booking a rental car, you are saving at the wrong end, because if the low coverage amount from a private rental company is not sufficient in case of an accident, the renter has to pay the difference of the damage amount on top, apart from the hassle and paperwork where you still have to do.

A recommendable car rental comparison portal, where I mostly book my rental car for Thailand, is the platform check24*, here the prices of different renowned car rental companies are compared and covered with a higher insurance sum.

Another advantage, you can choose the best insurance package of the respective provider or book it in addition. In addition, you can still choose to pick up the rental car at the airport or at the hotel. Navigation equipment for rental cars can be included for a small fee.

Those who decide to rent a car only during their vacation can also book their car at short notice beforehand; the rental car voucher is sent by e-mail and can be printed out in any Internet cafe.

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