Rebecca trial begins with defendant’s confession

Rebecca trial begins with defendant's confession

The teenager was after a disco visit in a deserted area according to the indictment by the 28-year-old mario B. Assaulted and raped. After that, according to the accusations, he dragged her into his apartment, kept her tied up there in the dark for hours and raped her. After four days of martyrdom, rebecca only managed to escape wrapped in a blanket.

The lawyer of mario B, who had been convicted several times as a juvenile, including for a sexual offense. Read a statement that the man had not planned the crime. He was allegedly drugged with alcohol and drugs when he left around 02.30 o’clock I accidentally bumped into rebecca on my bike. Out of anger at the confrontation, he attacked rebecca with a knife and seriously injured her. He could not remember the first rape he was accused of while still in prison, but did not rule it out.

During his questioning in the packed courtroom, the 28-year-old said that he had dragged the young woman home to treat her wounds. Mario B. Had been released from prison in 2011 and at the time of rebecca’s disappearance was under supervision of the leadership. Because he knew that even the first offenses would have serious consequences, he had wanted to wait until their wounds had healed.

"At some point, i was going to let them go," said mario B. And when asked, he added: "after about a week." He denied that he wanted to kill rebecca. But it had been clear to him what he had committed. The 28-year-old appeared unconcerned during his testimony in court.

Rebecca had to endure the four days in his violence unclothed. When mario B. The house for eight or nine hours in love, he tied her up. After a first unsuccessful escape attempt, he punched her several times in the face, according to his own statement. In a second escape attempt, she jumped out of the window of the first floor apartment dressed only in a blanket and asked a driver for help, who took her to the police. The investigators had searched in vain for the young woman with a hundred teams, diving and dog teams, and helicopters.

The judge pointed out that in the event of a verdict, the man could be placed in a psychiatric clinic or even in preventive detention. The charge is three counts of rape, assault, battery and false imprisonment. The trial will continue next tuesday. Three more days of trial are scheduled.