Protecting the folding caravan from theft – simple & effective

A shortcoming of a folding caravan is its theft protection. Unlike camper vans and trailers, the valuables inside the tent trailer are not secured against access from thieves. The lockable door is missing. With the help of which measures and equipment you can make your folder safer, we show you in the blog post.

Theft during camping vacations – unfortunately not to be excluded

Nothing is more annoying than to become a victim of theft during the most beautiful time of the year. Not only that a financial damage occurs. Also, important pieces of equipment are suddenly missing and have to be re-procured first. In general, thieves have it easier on campsites than with fixed housing units. In most cases, camping areas are accessible from the outside 24 hours a day, the locks of the mobile dwellings relatively easy to pick or. a thief disappears into the undergrowth again very quickly after the act. Folding caravans are relatively easy prey for criminals. On the one hand, the trailer can simply be moved away, on the other hand, the tent in its basic state is only protected by zippers. But how to easily and effectively secure both trailers and interior valuables?

Secure the trailer against thieves

As always: unsafe areas are to be avoided with the folding caravan. These no-go areas are usually highlighted in the guidebooks. A locked tent trailer should be parked in a visible and busy place. A thief would be noticed, so he would tamper with the hanger. In addition, you can lock the trailer with a drawbar lock (also called a hitch lock) in combination with a so called "hitch lock". AL-KO Safty-Ball secure against unauthorized pulling away. The Safty Ball blocks the hitch head against foreign towing vehicles, a coupling is physically impossible.

Locked drawbar lock with AL-KO Safety Ball prevents foreign coupling of the trailer

Another measure is the delegation of the theft risk: You simply insure your trailer with a partial casco. Of course, in case of theft, the annoyance of loss remains. But the insurance company will at least pay back the (proportional) costs for the trailer, depending on the choice of the tariff.

An AL-KO Safety Ball blocks the trailer coupling

Protect valuables in the tent from thieves

In general, you should not present potential stolen goods in view of the tent entrance door as in a store window. Smarter is to store it in less prominent places. In our Camp-let folding caravan this would be z.B. in the area between the two beds or in the storage compartment directly under the left trailer flap. The items can be additionally included in a travel safe. This will at least prevent opportunistic theft.

On some tents the zippers can be locked with a small cable lock. The thief must then forcibly enter the interior. Disadvantage of this solution: from a security lock also goes the signal that there is something valuable in the tent. Those who have a tiller box can also store their valuables there. Unfortunately, the integrated lock resp. Padlock usually no obstacle for a finger-wielding criminal. Therefore, the rule: drawbar box only if the lock is strong and the goods are less valuable.

Storage of valuables in the locked drawbar box

Alternatively, you can deposit your valuables in external safe deposit boxes at some campgrounds. Of course, there is (almost) always the option of stowing things in the towing vehicle. It should be noted here that, as a rule, the concluded motor vehicle partial coverage does not cover the items. A propos insurance – the own goods can also be covered by a travel (luggage) insurance policy. This should contain explicit clauses on camping. Finally, especially for longer stays, you can also involve the tent neighbors. Mostly never all are on the road at the same time. A short request to "keep an eye on the Falti" is surely only rejected by a few campers.

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