Professional wedding photography

We want to create transparency. Because it is important to us that you know what you can expect from us. Only in this way can cooperation take place on an equal footing. In the next lines we want to talk a little bit out of the secrets and eliminate prejudices.

You are "ONLY" pushing the button – why does it cost so much?

Just because wedding is in front of it, it is immediately at least twice as expensive!

We often hear these and many other arguments in conversations at trade fairs and other events.

It may seem that way at first and very cursory glance, but let's be honest:

The day after the wedding, the party is over, the venue is cleaned up, the cake is eaten, the clothes are put away in the closet and the flowers are wilting. What you will have left from this day are endless memories in your heads, the wedding rings and the photos. These are the things that definitely stay forever!

How do we work as wedding photographers?

What's behind an 8h wedding coverage – we'd like to explain it to you.

We, like you, have already dealt a lot with you and your most beautiful day in advance and after your wedding the work really begins for us. A small insight into our work process:

  • We like to meet with our bridal couples at their leisure for a preliminary meeting (duration approx. 1h)
  • Telephone calls and e-mails with you, here we help you gladly with recommendations, questions to the expiration and/or. its planning and much more (duration ca. 1h) – from 8h this is always included with us (duration approx. 2h)
  • Save, select and edit pictures (duration approx. 4h)
  • Travel time to the wedding (duration ca. 1h)
  • Wedding escort 8h – we assume here times of no extension (duration 8h)
  • Save, select and edit images (duration ca. 25h)
  • Photos for the bride and groom on the server, if necessary. export data medium, pack everything and make it ready for shipment (duration ca. 1h)
  • General office and administrative activities, such as customer administration, writing invoices, etc. (duration approx. 1h)
  • Location scouting for the pre-wedding shoot, the bridal couple shoot (duration approx. 2h)

All this results in an actual expense of approx. 46h hours of work. Calculated quite fixed this makes an hourly wage with our 8h package "Wedding Bell" of 42,39 €.

However, this is not correct!

First of all we have to pay the 19 % sales tax to the tax office. This results in an hourly wage of only 35,62 € resp. 1638,52 € in total profit. That still sounds good, but we have to pay the following as self-employed:

  • Health and nursing care insurance – completely on your own, there is no employer's contribution as with employees
  • further insurances like z.B. Third party liability, car insurance, accident insurance etc.
  • Chamber fees, associations
  • Advertising (fairs, flyers etc.), the hosting of the homepage
  • IT infrastructure (server), software licenses, data storage
  • the daily life (rent, car, phone, food, clothes, retirement provisions)
  • Reserves for new equipment (camera, lenses, IT)
  • Income tax

The bottom line is a maximum of zero, and the washing machine must not give up the ghost or the car have to be taken to the garage.
We are like z.B. Car mechanic or painter craftsmen and want to be paid just as fairly for our work.

Price differences in wedding photography

Of course, as with everything else, you'll notice significant price differences. The first major point of distinction here is: is it a self-employed person or is the person doing this as a sideline and has a steady income outside of photography?

In addition, you should also compare the benefits behind it:

  • Is there a detailed preliminary discussion?
  • Does the person conclude a service contract?
  • You will receive valuable tips and support in planning your project?
  • If the appropriate equipment is available, different lenses, a backup camera (fail-safe)?
  • Is there a replacement available in case the photographer becomes ill?
  • Is the offer an "all-inclusive price" or are there hidden costs that subsequently result in a high surcharge??
  • Get all images? Are these processed?
  • If the photographer can provide references?

It is important for us to be clear and transparent with our offer and performance. So you don't buy a pig in a poke and the trust between us will increase – which in the end will also ensure better results.

Wedding Photography - Behind the Scenes

How we think about it

Enough of sober numbers, data and facts. The following is our very personal view:

When choosing the wedding photographers your budget for it certainly plays a role. For much more important we think, the selection on the basis of the picture style. You must first and foremost like the pictures. What we show you at trade fairs, on our homepage or in the many sample albums corresponds to what we will also deliver. The second important selection criterion is: "Do you like each other??"The chemistry between you and us must be right – after all, we are by your side most of the time on your most beautiful day.

If the budget does not quite fit now, talk to us. We (almost) always find a solution and can gladly provide individual offers.

We are only satisfied when we see the sparkle in your eyes when you receive the pictures, when we have made you happy with our pictures and when we have been able to meet our requirements.
We love our work.

We put our heart and soul into your wedding day – as long as we have the (financial) freedom to do so.

It is unwise to pay too much, but it is even worse to pay too little.

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