“Pension trick – boosting your statutory pension with a deduction adjustment!

Employees can also supplement their retirement benefits in the statutory pension scheme. This is made possible by the so-called Abschlagsausgleich, which can already be claimed from the age of 50 with the Flexirentengesetz since 2017. It allows you to literally buy additional earning points in the statutory pension insurance scheme. Experts speak of a "pension trick.

Private pension provision is important, as the state pension will provide less and less of an adequate retirement income in the future. But even in the statutory pension insurance, it is possible to supplement his earnings with little tricks. The Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) currently draws attention to this fact. It is made possible by an improvement in the statutory pension scheme, which can be used as part of the Flexirenten law since January 2017.

Pretend to retire earlier than usual

With the law, seniors over the age of 50 can already pay more money into the pension fund than they would actually have to. But with what goal? Originally, this was intended to help prospective retirees who wanted to retire early to supplement their old-age pension.

Retiring a year early usually means that the pension of actually 1.000 euros per month is 36 euros less. Here the additional payments should compensate for the losses. If you want to avoid losing that 36 euro monthly pension, you pay a one-time premium of around 8.000 euros of additional deduction compensation into the pension fund.

The trick here: these payments may also be made by people who don't really want to retire earlier than that. Nevertheless, they can also request a calculation of this deduction compensation and thus improve their pension. Financial mathematician Werner Siepe explains to ARD how this works: "You inform the pension insurance company that you would like to retire at 63 and ask for the calculation of the equalization amount. You don't need to mention that you might want to do something completely different afterwards."

One pretends thus simply to want to retire more early from the working life. The pension fund then calculates how much must be paid in one fell swoop to compensate for the loss. And then you just keep working until your regular retirement age. Because no one can force you to retire early. As a result, the pension will ultimately be higher.

Paying in addition to the statutory pension can be worthwhile

So pay in addition to the statutory pension. And that goes like this (rounded figures): Each 30 euros pension cost just under 6.800 euros. That's what the pension formula says, and that's what pension professional Werner Siepe also says. The rest is a rule of three. If a prospective pensioner has, for example, 60 euros gap, then it will cost him 13.600 euros. And so on. It can be worthwhile, especially for women, because on average they live longer. Additional private provision is still advisable to supplement retirement income. A consultation is recommended!

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