Passion for old cars

Passion for old cars

The temptation was too rough. "I just couldn’t resist", says steffen lohr with a laugh, looking at his opel commodore with shining eyes. The 38-year-old had brought the oldtimer to the castle park in gleisenau.

There the ebelsbacher werbering in cooperation with the zeiler automobilclub under the leadership of manfred kuhn organized for the already tenth time a rough oldtimer meeting. And the lohr family, which includes the two children moritz and kilian, as well as the opel commodore, were there along with numerous other exhibitors.

But it could have been an opel kapitan from 1960. "But we gave it away for lack of time and space", said the trained blacksmith in conversation. Instead, the unfindeners bought the 47-year-old, 160-hp commodore a good year ago. "This car originated in sweden, steffen lohr explained and came up with his passion "for old opels" to speak. "The reason for my quick decision to buy this car was that it is still completely in original condition from the 1970s." According to him, the paint is still "original" with a slight patina."

Also the condition of the engine and the interior is in a very good condition, because the car was maintained before I owned it." Other shining lights are the original roof rack, a lift axle in the rear and brake lights in the rear window. "It was also tempting that the car came with a lot of new spare parts that i haven’t had to resort to yet." Steffen lohr is always fascinated by the feeling of driving. "This one cannot be compared with a new vehicle in any way", he really got into the black.

He does not let the frequent repairs spoil his good mood. On the contrary. Repairs can be done on an oldtimer "by yourself and at the same time you can meet, exchange ideas and tinker together". But the old opel has proved to be very reliable so far. But for interior and exterior maintenance no further work was necessary yet.

But it’s a different story with his other vehicles, which he still owns. Besides his commodore, his fleet includes a 22 eicher 115/8 (the bulldog was only built about 350 times), a hercules scooter (built 1972) with a 50 cubic centimeter air engine and a hercules sportbike SB3 (built 1972). Especially the sportbike and the scooter require "more intensive maintenance now and then", since they are also used in everyday life more often. "I don’t pay much attention to the time I spend on it, because I like to spend a lot of time and effort on it", explained the hobbyist. With his first opel kapitan, he spent more time repairing it and keeping it running.

The 38-year-old has always been interested in classic cars. That’s why he has long wanted to own one himself and use it "for special moments to use. One such very special and unique moment was the wedding with his wife sabrina a year ago, because the commodore served as the wedding car. At the moment, steffen lohr is satisfied with his fleet and is working to capacity."

With an "unbeatable offer he was "sure" to get himself another little treasure." His especially rough wishes: a mercedes 190 EVO 2,5l in original condition and roadworthy or a VW T1 samba bus.

More than 300 vehicles, whether on two or four wheels, could be admired by the numerous visitors. Also the black "bauer saxonette by jurgen stark from obertheres, which he has held for just under ten years. Why? "I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but I don’t have a motorcycle license. But I can drive up to 125 cubic meters with my old license", laughed the 60-year-old, who regularly takes part in vintage car meetings. "The machine has to be used, otherwise it will rust." Dream weather, dream scenery, dream vehicles – the tenth oldtimer meeting in the gleisenau castle park was once again a real highlight.