Partial cover and theft, what exactly does partial cover pay in the event of theft??

The horror for every driver, you want to get into your car, but it is no longer in its place. Car thefts unfortunately occur much more often than you think, every 15-30 minutes a car is stolen in Germany. You can protect yourself against this with a partial cover insurance, the partial cover insurance covers damages caused by theft and robbery. If you have taken out comprehensive insurance is included partial insurance.

In this article we would like to go into more detail about what partial coverage pays in the event of theft, how long it takes for the damage to be paid, and how you must cooperate.

Partial insurance and theft

In case of theft the partial coverage insurance pays

If your car is stolen, the partial cover insurance pays for it. The good news, you will not be placed in a worse SF class (downgrading table), only the deductible has to be paid. This is usually 150 € per claim (may vary), this is to get over if the car is stolen.

If you have a car that is not worth only a few 100 €, it is important to have a partial coverage in case of theft of your car. Because without a partial coverage insurance they will not get anything replaced by anyone if it is ever stolen.

Your car is no longer in its place, what to do??

Before you report the theft to the police, think for a few minutes. Does someone still have the car key? Do several family members share the car? Did you really park it in this place? Can it be that the car was towed away? If you can answer all these questions with no, then it is very likely that your car was stolen.

Now it's time to stay calm and work through the following steps

Partial cover theft

Stolen and dismantled – the partial casco pays

Inform the police

First, the police should always be informed, dial 911 and report the theft. Either police officers are sent to you or you have to visit a police station. The police will now question you, important is the license plate, the approximate time of the theft, any conspicuous features on the car, and a few things more. You now directly receive the file number. You should not wait long, and call your insurance company to report the damage, call the claims hotline of the insurer, and tell that your car was stolen. This step should be done immediately after the visit of the police, they do not have the usual seven days for a damage report in case of theft. In addition, this will speed up the time until you are compensated for the value of the vehicle.

Deregister your car

But you also have to take care of something important, namely deregistering your car at the vehicle registration office. Take all the documents on the vehicle, and also the documents from the police, with you to the registration office. From now on you will not pay any more insurance premiums for car insurance/partial insurance.

What pays the partial casco if the car is recovered?

It depends on the timing, if their car turns up within four weeks of the theft, then you have to take the car back no matter what condition it is in. But the partial cover will of course pay for repairs that may be necessary to return their car to its original state from before the theft.

What exactly does the partial cover insurance pay after theft?

If the four weeks have passed and your car has not been recovered, the car insurance company pays the replacement value. This means they will get as much money as an equivalent vehicle cost on the day of the theft. You can use the money from the insurance to buy exactly the same car again, with the same equipment.

The replacement value is determined by an independent expert.

If you feel that the replacement value is too low, do not hesitate to call and ask the expert. This can tell you exactly how and why he arrived at the replacement value mentioned.

If this does not convince them, then you should involve a lawyer.

An exception is almost new vehicles, many insurance companies have a so-called new value compensation. If you have agreed with your insurance a new value compensation, then you get usually six months after the purchase of the vehicle, the new price paid out. This option is interesting for all buyers of new cars.

What the partial coverage insurance does not pay for?

The partial insurance does not pay for the loss of things that were in the stolen car. So no cell phones, CDs, clothes, or other items. These are things your homeowner's insurance may reimburse you for, depending on whether they have covered the theft of household goods from the car.

How long does it take for partial coverage insurance to still settle a theft claim?

Until they still have a theft of their car the money on the account, quite a while passes. Finally, the four-week waiting period must also pass, many forms are sent back and forth, and the replacement value must be determined. If there are disputes or inconsistencies, the settlement is delayed again.

On average, you can say that they have six weeks on the theft money in your account.

You can actively participate so that the payment is not delayed, in fact, their insurance needs many documents and forms, these should still requirement always as soon as possible to their insurance send.

Can I still get a loaner car after my car is stolen??

It all depends on the insurance company, what services they have concluded. You can assume, however, that a loan car in the rarest cases by the insurance is taken over. So if you are in urgent need of a car, then you have to take care of it yourself. Buy your cars from a dealer? Then inform him about the theft of your car, also about the fact that you have a new one respectively. will buy a new used car from him. Often get a loaner car as a goodwill gesture until your new car can be bought.

It may also be possible for them to get an advance on compensation from their insurance company. With this advance you can then buy a replacement vehicle.

Conclusion: Often you only think about the settlement of a theft claim when it has hit you yourself, i.e. when your own car has been stolen. But it is important to look at the conditions ready for the case of the conclusion of the contract. Things like new value compensation and purchase price compensation should be considered.

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