Many horse barns are located outside of town adjacent to woods and meadows, bordered by large trees that provide shade in summer for pastures and riding areas. But the large and strong trees can collapse like matchsticks in some storms, burying houses, stables, cars and animals underneath them. Severe storms can cause major damage when horses are trapped under branches, stables collapse or horses run away in panic due to a storm because the fences no longer hold or they simply jump over them.

During storms, horses cannot clearly localize the danger because the wind noise mixes with other sounds and becomes louder and louder. The louder the noise, the more panicked the horses become. Panicked horses often react unexpectedly violently and cannot be stopped. So it can happen that they jump over fences, run away and cause accidents in traffic. But it can also happen that the horse cannot free itself in a thunderstorm and is injured by falling building parts. The question arises as to who is liable for such accidents and damage to third parties and the horse that the storm brings with it.

We want to create transparency. Because it is important to us that you know what you can expect from us. Only in this way can cooperation take place on an equal footing. In the next lines we want to talk a little bit out of the secrets and eliminate prejudices.

You are "ONLY" pushing the button – why does it cost so much?

A storm covers the roof, a tree falls on the car, the cellar fills up during heavy rain: the consequences of a storm can be expensive. Which insurance pays for which damage?

If storms or other inclement weather cause damage to houses and vehicles, it can be expensive. Therefore, consumers should insure themselves sufficiently in time, so that they do not have to fear at least the financial consequences. A reputable insurance broker from Berlin can help you adjust your insurance coverage.

By definition, theft is a criminal act in which a person unlawfully takes another person's movable property in order to enrich himself or herself. In addition to money and jewelry, cell phones are the main targets of many thieves.

Are you yourself affected by such a cell phone theft? Here you can find out if and when a household insurance will cover it.

Moving is not only physically exhausting. Also, a lot of paperwork has to be done when changing residence. In addition to reporting the new address, insurance policies may also need to be adjusted – first and foremost household insurance. Therefore, in the following article we would like to answer the most important questions about it. Here's how we explain what you need to consider regarding your household insurance during the move. You will also find out whether the insurance policy also protects your household effects when you move house.

Short answer

The household insurance often protects you also during the move. With the beginning of the change of apartment, the contents of both apartments are protected, as well as the movable furniture and household goods that are transported to the new apartment.

Insurance fraud is a trivial offense! What do you pay your insurance premiums for? This thought cherished in 2017(!) according to a survey by Statist in cooperation with YouGov 15 percent of Germans. Of those, five percent said they had already cheated the insurance company once, and ten percent had thought about cheating. Respondents felt that insurance fraud worked easiest with liability insurance, followed by homeowners insurance. Among the insurance objects, where the interviewees consider a fraud to be most justifiable, were entertainment and household electronics.

Business detectives get on the trail of the fraudsters

If insured persons obtain certain benefits from an insurance company under false pretenses or by manipulation, then this is insurance fraud. Interesting is the fact that this criminal act is a frequently occurring phenomenon. In some cases, it is so widespread that people specialize in it and commit insurance fraud professionally in order to earn a living. They are so adept at this that it is difficult to prove that they committed the offenses.

This "owner's manual" for moving house provides a quick overview of key planning steps – make moving easy!

Updated 17. August 2021

With our online shipping cost calculator Cargoboard we now offer you quick information about freight costs of different transport options. Manual email and phone inquiries and waiting for quotes are hereby a thing of the past. Through Cargoboard you get instant and digital access to TLT and the CargoLine. Even without registration!

For the transport price calculation, the shipping cost calculator only needs the pick-up location, shipping location, dimensions and weight of the goods. The freight rates for your transport are mainly based on the distance as well as the size (volume) and weight of the goods to be transported.

The car repair wants to be paid for, the roof is leaking or the heating is on strike? Almost everyone gets into a situation where the account is empty and the banks are not cooperative. If one's own creditworthiness is just as insufficient as existing collateral, credit institutions are usually ruled out as problem solvers. That leaves only the inner circle of friends, acquaintances and relatives. To find out what you should be aware of when borrowing money privately or lending money yourself, click here.

Lending money among friends or family is widespread. Because it is a simple alternative to the cumbersome application for a loan from a professional credit institution. To avoid complicating things unnecessarily and being seen as suspicious, people often help friends and relatives with a handshake. Parties are all too quick to dispense with a written contract.

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The insured values in the residential building insurance

Hardly any other branch of insurance operates with as many key figures as residential building insurance.
Some of these values have a direct influence on the premium, others are decisive in the event of a claim. The "1914 value" should be familiar to most homeowners. The situation may be different with