Realize why luxury has nothing to do with financial freedom, what lifestyle inflation means and what life motto you can really make it on.

An exciting question

In spring I was at a networking event for women and I had the pleasure of talking briefly with a female entrepreneur about financial freedom. She came up to me full of joy and said that she knew me and my blog, so she would like to ask me a question, "If you had to choose a new life motto right now, which of these two would it be?":

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If an accident leaves you with permanent health damage, accident insurance protects you from the financial consequences. However, this coverage only pays out in certain cases, so it needs to be viewed more as a supplement to disability insurance. In the interview with the cost check expert, we clarify, among other things, the costs of accident insurance and what you should look for when taking out such coverage.

Almost 40 percent of all marriages in Germany end in divorce. Thereby often not only the nerves lie bare, but it is also about the finances. Finally, in the course of the divorce a jointly acquired household goods must be divided again.

What once began as a great love fest often ends in strife and sadness: in 2020, 149.000 marriages divorced, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. By comparison, in the same year, more than 373.Marry 000 couples. If a separation occurs, those affected not only have to endure a lot emotionally, but also deal with economic issues. For what belonged to both must now be divided again.

A company car is an attractive additional offer for employees: according to a survey by the Staufenbiel Institute, 44 percent of employers offer university graduates a company car as an addition to their salary. The car from the boss does not release the employee from his own responsibility, for example in case of an accident.

119- ALL about car insurance and how to lower your premium

It's pretty common for car owners to modify their cars' suspensions to make their car ride lower. Usually, aesthetics is one of the main reasons for reducing the ride height – many people prefer the look of a lower car – but in theory there are other advantages:

Vacation! A perfect time to visit places of interest. What better way to do this than to leave your suitcases in Malaga in Spain? It is even better to visit it with a rental car! From the Alcazaba to the museums and the beautiful beaches, discover the beauty of this city and spend an unforgettable vacation.

Many of us have fond memories of buying our first car. It was something special and you often left quite a bit of money at the dealership. However, times have changed and there are now several ways to rent a car.

Several companies, including automakers, have developed subscription models that target consumers who are less interested in ownership and more interested in convenience. And it's not just Millennials who are jumping on the bandwagon.

Homeowner's insurance, or household insurance, is a way to insure items within the home. Accordingly, such property insurance covers damage that may occur to the inventory of a residential property due to a wide variety of hazards.

Source: Angelika Emmerling / ACE

Finally the ball is rolling again. The 2018 World Cup in Russia (14. June to 15. July) puts many fans in a state of emergency. Houses, balconies and even vehicles are decorated with colorful bunting, flags and other fan merchandise. There are rules to follow for fan equipment and for motorcades. We enlighten you.

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In court, you do not always get justice, but a verdict!