Opel meeting with 10,000 visitors: konigsfeld becomes a pit lane

Opel meeting with 10,000 visitors: Konigsfeld becomes a pit lane

With the course of the 11. Chairman gerald kohler is satisfied with the results of the first meeting of the opelfreunde konigsfeld. The 29 members managed the festival, however, only with the help of about 250 helpers from the village and the surrounding area, for which kohler expressed his best thanks. The 1000 mark of arrived vehicles was not quite reached, but otherwise the about 10000 guests got their money’s worth with the event. Konigsfeld itself has only 550 inhabitants in comparison.

On the land there was a mixture of camp and cowboy atmosphere, coupled of course with the smell of carburetors and tire and engine smells. But that is part of such an association of car, pardon opel fans. Since each of them also likes to screw something on his ride, there are everywhere "technical discussions" on the agenda. Their part contribute to it the cars, which place themselves to the evaluations. The engine is the first thing to be scrutinized, of course, and when a row of red LED lamps lights up under the open hood, and when the wing doors go up and the deck sinks behind the seats, not only the eyes of the proud owner light up, but also those of the surrounding spectators. The stewards naturally remain cool and note everything down in their lists.

As always, the highlight of the opel days was the race on the eighth mile. Over 40 vehicles took up the challenge. Eight categories were judged, depending on the number of horsepower. District administrator johann kalb (CSU) and mayor gisela hofmann (BB) gave the starting permission with the green flag.

Police car crashes over the track

The fastest on the eighth mile was thomas bretschneider, called bretty by everyone, with his 334 hp GT-black in 9.122 seconds. Local hero michael gotz from kotzendorf clocked 8.590 seconds ahead of his rivals, but did not make the cut because his yellow c-coupe was fitted with racing tires. A former police car caused a sensation when it raced up the slope with blue lights and siren on the narrow dirt road between the fields and thundered through the light barrier at high speed. The organization of the race, as far as safety issues were concerned, was optimal, because the opelfreunde and the fire department konigsfeld worked together perfectly.

On corpus christi afternoon, pastor michael herrmann held a devotion in the marquee and asked for god’s blessing for participants. Ronny and falk provided musical accompaniment to the ceremony and also played for the visitors afterwards. Then the dance mariechenduo "madlina" performed from scheblitz and showed his acrobatic performances. The "bateria quem e" samba group with her conductor albert fuchs from bamberg drummed her way into the hearts of the audience with her fast arrangements, who enthusiastically clapped along and applauded. Very pleased also the dance sport guards from scheblitz, who conquered the tent as pirates. Several burn outs on different days were part of the event as well as club games, individual competitions and the bobby car race on saturday. Every evening from thursday to sunday, different live bands provided the atmosphere.

The opel fans will come again, they assured, because konigsfeld is "halt" cool". Marcel schmid from powerteam switzerland, who drove his astra H-OPC the 500 kilometers to get here, also nods to this and sums it up briefly and succinctly: "it just fits!"