One-way street in gremsdorf causes displeasure

One-way street in gremsdorf causes displeasure

Mayor norbert walter (BB) and the gremsdorf town council discussed several options for regulating traffic in bruckenstrabe and a draft for redesigning the local cemetery.

As early as december 2019, mayor walter discussed the traffic situation in bruckenstrabe with some of the burghers at the burgers’ meeting. Not all citizens are happy with the one-way street regulation that has been introduced. Last year, the municipality of gremsdorf received a list of signatures with a request for change.

Remain the one-way street?

In the burgers’ meeting, walter held an on-site meeting with representatives of the hochstadt police department. He reported on this appointment at the meeting of the municipal council. A letter from department head sabine rohrer revealed that the police would support a partial repeal of the one-way street regulation for cyclists. However, the general abolition is not recommended.

According to walter’s proposal, the signage should be retained and wide lane dividers installed to support it. Another suggestion from the burgers was to abandon the current right-of-way signs and to generally allow right before left, but this also prevented speeding cars coming from hochstadt on the "am wageck" road favors how walter attaches.

The municipal councils discussed the establishment of a traffic-calmed area. This area was effectively slowing down the traffic and could apply up to the bridge in the direction of hochstadt. He could be contained by planting troughs, walter said. According to albert ruhmann of the wahlergemeinschaft buch, this regulation also had the advantage that marked parking spaces could calm the traffic.

No decision was made on how to deal with the community’s traffic problem child. Walter wants to talk to the police about the possibility of participating in the retreat on 15 june. And 16. February to discuss in more detail.

Redesign of the cemetery

Urn graves have been laid out in the gremsdorf cemetery for several years now, but they have not been used so far. Walter also announced the prospect of a redesign with the help of the expertise of an engineering firm at the last castle meeting. Now, the engineering firm thiele from schwabach has submitted a first draft.

In the middle of the area should stand a rough tree, a cross or a monument. With hedges and seat walls around the urn graves the area should become more attractive. An extension of the forecourt is also being considered. Burgermeister walter: "the engineering office has already announced that it will hold an evening meeting with interested parties to discuss designs."