No behavior? Passenger spreads her hair on the plane


A travel blogger was recently confronted with the lack of consideration of a fellow passenger on the plane. But what can you do?

On the plane, most passengers want to have their peace and quiet – doze a bit, watch a movie or listen to music. However, this is made more difficult if other fellow passengers feel a little too much like home. Then also times completely unexpectedly the foot of the rear passenger looks out under the armrest or underpants are dried with the air conditioner. Travel blogger Julie Christensen recently experienced first-hand how carelessly some passengers behave when she flew from Athens to Amsterdam.

Woman drapes hair over back of seat on plane

"I wish this was staged," the blogger writes in a video she shared on social media platform TikTok. Indeed, a woman sitting in front of her on the plane had her entire head of hair thrown over the back of the seat, as the clip shows. The mane is so long that it almost reaches the folding table and ends up in Christensen's drink.

What to do in case of disturbing behavior of other passengers?

Most users on TikTok agree that the passenger's behavior is a no-go. "Some people just do not take into account," writes one user indignantly. Another user says: "The second people enter an airport, they forget how to behave." But those are just two of more than 8.000 comments (as of 12. October) posted below the video. In many others, users get a kick out of considering how to punish the passenger's behavior. However, the suggestion of the user "Teemegirl" seems to make the most sense: "Ask the flight attendant to help take away her hair."

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In general, if other passengers are behaving in a disruptive manner, it is a good idea to talk to them first, as Maria Danciu, a senior crew member at Condor airline, once told said. If there was no solution then, the crew could be contacted: "We always try to make sure that all our guests feel comfortable on board. That is why we are there for our guests and help in such a case. If it's not possible at all, we make every effort to find another place for the guest, for example".

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