Minister: when it gets concrete, it gets difficult

Minister: when it gets concrete, it gets difficult

Bayreuth and kulmbach are exemplary in many respects in their preparation for the energy transition. This is the result of an energy policy discussion attended by bavarian environment minister marcel huber and representatives from business, agriculture, government agencies and local authorities in himmelkron.
"It's not a question of whether we need the energy turnaround, but how we shape it", said mdl gudrun brendel-fischer, on whose initiative the conversation came about. The region was well on the way: from the bioenergy region of bayreuth to the northern bavaria energy agency based in kulmbach, both counties had made rough preparations well before fukushima.

For joint action

The topic of energy transition enjoys broad acceptance among the population, says environment minister huber. However, the approval was only given without restrictions as long as the topic remained in the abstract area. "As soon as it becomes concrete, it becomes more difficult", the minister explained and called for a joint approach, for example in drawing up plans for priority areas for wind power plants. The primary goal must be to prevent energy prices from rising dramatically and to avoid dependency. In addition, existing grids had to be upgraded and storage facilities realized. "We need more sites for pumped storage power plants", said huber. Solutions for chemical storage also had to be examined as quickly as possible and, if possible, implemented. The minister is convinced that germany will master the energy transition.Above all, because germany has the necessary know-how, this will succeed.

Showcase projects

Kulmbach's district administrator klaus peter sollner said that the region has been more involved with renewable energies than other areas in bavaria. Not only is the northern bavaria energy agency headquartered in kulmbach, but the district is also home to many companies involved in renewable energies. There are also many initiatives such as energy self-sufficient villages in the franconian forest. The situation in bayreuth with the bioenergy region is similar, says bayreuth's district administrator hermann hubner.

"There's potential there"

Wolfgang bohm of the energy agency promoted a pilot program for initial consulting of private households. Many things have already been initiated, and many energy-efficient building renovations have been realized as a result. The next step could be a pilot program for all of upper franconia, dedicated exclusively to private housing construction. There is still enormous potential here.
August wagner, vice president of the chamber of commerce and industry, advocated a sensible expansion of renewable energies. The energy feed-in law is already placing an immense burden on small and medium-sized businesses. For this reason, the expansion of regenerative energies at any price is out of the question for him, said the minister.