Majority wants pension security and health care for all

The third demand is the fight against unemployment, according to a survey published on saturday by the BAT foundation for future issues. Environmental protection, government regulation of rents or the fight against terrorism, on the other hand, are considered less important.

According to the scientific director of the BAT foundation, ulrich reinhardt, many citizens are concerned about the increasing division of society into wealthy and poor. The middle-income groups in particular fear that they will lose out on prosperity in the future.

According to reinhardt, there are gross differences between west and east. Thus, the west germans placed more emphasis on the creation of training places, the fight against terrorism, and environmental and data protection. East germans, on the other hand, wanted more price stability, affordable housing and jobs. Compared with 1995, it is clear that people are attaching greater importance to health care, while environmental protection is becoming less important. The institute surveyed 2000 bundesburgers aged 14 and older.