Life without plastic

Nadine schubert is a fully-fledged professional when it comes to plastic avoidance.How she does without plastic in her everyday life, she reports not only in her

Blog, but also live at a lecture in the town library of hammelburg on tuesday, 9. January, at 7 p.M. Not only since the news about the huge amounts of plastic waste in the oceans has a "life without plastic" become more important than ever present as a topic in german households. That’s why the volkshochschule and the town library invite you to an evening with the bestselling author and blogger nadine schubert. Since the great success of "besser leben ohne plastik" (better living without plastic) journalist nadine schubert, a native of lower franconia, is booked for appearances throughout the german-speaking world as well as on television and radio.

In their youngest book "even better living without plastic" describes how you can banish plastic from your life. Your focus is on the current topic of microplastics. The event is supported by the nature conservation alliance, bad kissingen district group. Tickets are available at the library and the vhs hammelburg.