Legal protection insurance castrop-rauxel

legal expenses insurance castrop-rauxel

In court, you do not always get justice, but a verdict!

Legal protection insurance Castrop-Rauxel: What do you need legal protection insurance for?? Well; In accidents, dismissal of the employer or trouble with the neighborhood, all too often disputes can only be resolved before the judge. Who then has no private legal protection insurance, often shies away from the risk of litigation altogether or even the way to the next instance, because in case of defeat in court, in addition to the actual damage, there are also the costs of the proceedings and the opposing party. Without appropriate insurance coverage, the costs of a legal dispute can be quite high, and the outcome is often uncertain.

Private legal protection insurance Castrop-Rauxel

As the name already expresses, the private legal protection insurance insures only the private part. Here there are various individual modules, such as:

  • Private legal protection
  • Traffic legal protection
  • Professional legal protection (as an employee)
  • House and apartment owner legal protection

Commercial matters are explicitly not insured here. Self-employed persons or employees whose partner is self-employed must also pay attention to correct tariff selection, even if only the private area is to be insured. The "normal" non-self-employed tariff is here regularly the wrong choice.

Commercial legal protection insurance Castrop-Rauxel

Commercial legal protection can be a classic company legal protection insurance, which covers company matters, or it can also be taken out for (individual) self-employed persons. The private legal protection of the company owner or self-employed is included in most cases. However, if only the private area is to be insured in the legal protection of a self-employed person, then, as already mentioned, attention should be paid to the right choice of tariff.

Costs of legal disputes

The costs often depend on the sog. value in dispute, i.e. the amount of damages to be recovered. A legal dispute for a damage sum of only 5.000 Euro goes, costs quickly already about 5.000 euros if it goes through two instances. If compensation for serious personal injury, such as the total disability of a person or / and damages for pain and suffering are to be recovered, it quickly becomes particularly expensive. If the amount in dispute is in the seven-digit range, the legal costs are between 15.000 to over 25.000 Euro reached quickly.

A legal protection insurance Castrop-Rauxel takes over the lawyer, expert and court costs depending on the agreed benefit. It offers the certainty of being able to assert one's claims without financial risk.

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