“Kronach is bursting with culture”

The monologue "ami meadows, written in 1990 by stockheim-born kerstin specht – read by ulrike mahr on the occasion of her exhibition in the gallery of the kronach art association (KKV). In addition to the exhibition "a part of the part" that has been running for a few weeks now, various highlights took place at the same time.
So the chairman of the KKV, karol J. Hurec, many culturally interested citizens at the reading "amiwiesen buried. As he said, kronach has a wide range of interests and is very culturally inclined. The social city also has a lot to offer in the way of art. Large-scale projects such as "kronach leuchtet" are reflected in the art association and one can combine traditional art, painting and projections with each other. In addition to the beautiful little rounds in the newly designed gallery, the now complete completion of the district culture room also made it possible to offer coarser events again. The actions carried out in the past few weeks have met with a great response from the public, which is why they want to continue to work actively and also offer events in the communities of the district: "kronach is bursting with culture, we are also going out into the communities!"
Ulrike mahr skilfully told the story of a woman who put a lot of emphasis on her appearance. On the run, with a child in the basket, she told many stories. The reading was also intended to serve as a reminder of the ami meadows production that had been staged at the rosenberg fortress in 1997 with many extras.