“It’s the same thing that hurts”

Questions of a thoughtful franken, freely after B. Brecht so the story I"m telling you today is not from my friend heiner, who is a real frank, but from heiner himself, that is, from me. Because it"s about the beda, the gabelein, who would tell the stories otherwise.

Because the beda had made us a lot of problems, even though he didn"t know anything else, if you want to believe him. He had only known that he would never be able to. So not only not as a school principal, he already quit a few years ago, but as a member of the home town association. But now there is something less pleasant to see. The beda – or bedrus, as his friend soong – makes us an archer and worry in life, a weng a freid is in ferne ferne grudschd.

But from the beginning: he is already a schdernla, the former emptier. He's been married to the home club for years. Everybody, who knows the schdammdirsch, is a archer fan of the bedrus. Wall if anyone knows anything, it's the beda.

You could froogn him to the english prinznhochzerd as well as to the coburcher halbthuringer, who emigrated to england 150 years ago, because he wanted the vicci. Or if you didn't understand what the burchermaster is talking about, then ask the gift, because his son is named like a boliddiga.

And we, the heiner, and the buutzn, and the hans, and the jurgen von da druben, who lived here for a long time, all of us were always happy, because everyone thought it was so nice when the bedrus made a joke, but everyone had known it for a long time, because the beda had already told it five times.

Or when the giddi, our aachensternla and the sisters of hellers hans, the best brewer on the whole weld, full of pride put the FT on this one, so that they and the rest of the bagaasch could noochlesn, what the beda so everything gschriem has an su on the weekend. Uber godd und die weld hod der gschriem, das wos do im dschungl, baam batschelar und beim bohlens dieda bassierd. And he has to learn by heart what he knows. Or he knows a boa from the redaggdore. Wall den banzer und sein busch mooch der beda und manchmol hod der uber die zwaa gschriem und die homd des erschd mitgrichd, wie des in der zeidung gschdandn hod.

The bedrus knew everything. Uber die grippe und die esel hod der gschriem, uber die wardshaiser oder die bierkeller. And by the way he led the home club. 38 years ago he did it and managed it. He broke up the association. There are members who have never seen heart before in their lives. They know it only from the gift.

And who knows the heimadverein the weld the schdaaweg, the haubdgwardier vu the heimaderer or how the hasd. And everybody knows the hellers hans and the giddi, the servant of the schdeedla. At the heller there are always the lectures and the carnival of the local association. On carnival tuesday he had the schdeedla so richdi krachn let.

In my carnival box I have dug out all the kosdumers, because I'm going to the carnival masked as the head of the local association, as klaus-peter gabelein. Ned als indianer oder kauboi oder lauder su a woar. On the margdblads I will demonstrate that the bedrus should be stopped. With my old hand I will demonstrate for the suffering heartiaurians, especially for the barchermasder and the poor schdadrad, that they are losing a living debtor figure, a legend that lives even more deudely than the club.

I'll even have to take along a little free beer from hellers hans, to get the leaders to join the association, to have the gabelein back as boss. And that's what I have to do now, because at carnival everything is too late, because then the guy is already retired. I know greina.

And so that we could find out in the whole district that the head of the old home club was going to stop, I'm writing this in the FT. I will build on the hellers hans his roof now a sadeliddenschissel and a funkschdadion naufbaua that also the ganzn freibiergsichder in ganzn landkreis dun dun and that the landrood and aa the kreisrad nooch herziaura kumma and soong: bedrus, das gedd fei ned. And a der dramb und der annere blonde anglische knallbar, der dschohnsdn.

That mustn't be true and i can only say one thing: "when you've seen what he's done and what he's left behind, it's going to hurt you"!"

And i'm glad, what are we going to do in herziaura edz with the little gifts?? Should the a keenich weern or at least a ehrenheimadvereinsburgervorsitzenderrmass der? Ia sechd scho, frogn ieber frogn!