Insurances for teachers and trainee teachers

Teachers and trainee teachers have special requirements when it comes to insurance due to their profession. This is how civil servant teachers can enjoy private health insurance and benefit from state aid. On the other hand, there are also special risks. Thus, additional modules for liability insurance are important and legal protection insurance for increasingly frequent disputes can also be quite useful.

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Important insurances for teachers and trainee teachers

The table shows that there are many insurances that are important and that there are also insurances that are required by law. In addition, there are contracts that are not compulsory and that should be concluded only if the other arrangements have been made.

Insurances for teachers

The following table gives an overview of the most important insurances for teachers.

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The optimal scope of insurance

Insurance coverage is optimal when all conceivable risks of a teacher and trainee teacher are covered. Since there is also the leisure time area beside the occupation and everyone pursues different interests, there is also no uniform risk catalog for teachers and Referendare, completely independently of the fact that also the family circumstances are different. Thus, an individual examination of the necessary insurances is always important. There are, however, a variety of insurances that every teacher and trainee teacher should take out for himself and at the same time there are important inclusions for certain insurances that should not be missing. For example, the question of statutory or private health insurance always plays just as big a role as the inclusion of the loss of official keys in the liability insurance. In the civil service, disability is an important variation of occupational disability, which every teacher should have.


There are many types of insurance and this often makes it easy to lose track of them all. It is therefore important to check which insurances are the most important and which ones you might want to avoid having to spend all your money on premiums. Feel free to contact us, so that we can have a look together how well you are covered or we can even find more favorable insurances for you. Simply use our calendar and enter a date when it suits you and make an appointment for an online consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance (FAQ)

Which insurances do I need as a teacher?

As a teacher you need the same insurances as in any other profession. However, there are special add-ons, inclusions or designs for certain types of insurance that should definitely be taken into account in order to be able to ward off existing additional risks in the best possible way.

Thus, the disability insurance is important as an extended coverage against occupational disability, in order to receive a replacement income even if the employer no longer considers you fit for service without diagnosed occupational disability.

In this health context, it is of course also important to have an optimal health insurance, for which insurance is compulsory, but for teachers it is also important to be able to choose freely between the different options.

The private liability insurance, which is important for everyone, should definitely be optimized by a so-called official liability insurance, because you are personally liable for every mistake during your work. It is also important to have insurance against the loss of the school key. This is because such an event results in the need to replace all locks and keys in a school, which is a huge cost factor.

When do I have to submit bills to my insurance as a teacher?

First of all, one does not have to submit bills at all. However, you will not be reimbursed for the invoice amounts that you had to pay yourself in advance. Therefore, submitting medical bills is very important, but does not have to be done immediately.

For example, there is a limitation period of three years for private health insurance policies. Such a long period of time is also good, because it can often take longer until a bill is created and sent by the doctor after a treatment.

In addition, such a long time makes it possible to check carefully whether one wants to submit the bills. In some cases there are tariffs where a premium refund is paid if no services are requested.

For such contracts, one should collect one's bills until the bill amounts paid exceed the possible reimbursement and thus there is no advantage in sitting on the bills anymore.

In contrast to this time limit, it should be noted that one only has one year to submit the invoices to the aid office in order to receive the corresponding aid from the employer.

Are there special insurances for teachers?

The nature of the teaching profession has some special features that affect the need for insurance and thus the range of special insurance policies.

As a teacher, for example, you can be held personally liable for any damage caused through your fault and during the exercise of your profession, and you can be asked to pay for it in the form of compensation for pain and suffering and damages.

For this purpose there is a special form of liability insurance, which is called official liability insurance. In the best case, it includes coverage against the risk of loss of keys, for which you as a teacher can otherwise also be held liable.

Since the teacher can be declared incapacitated even before the confirmation of a disability, you need the so-called disability insurance to be covered in time by a replacement income.

In the context of health insurance, the employer's allowance also provides for special insurance rates, which should definitely be taken into account for optimal protection.

What do I have to pay attention to when choosing an insurance as a teacher??

As a teacher, you belong to a special professional group as a civil servant or employee of the public service. Also special are certain regulations, which you should consider when choosing the optimal insurance coverage. Teachers are responsible for everything that happens to them in the course of their work and can be held personally liable at any time.

When taking out liability insurance, you should therefore make sure to include a service liability insurance that covers such damages and protects you from financial risks. It is also important to insure against the risk of key loss in the best possible way. Because any loss of the school key that may become necessary could be very expensive.

Teachers can be declared unfit for work by their employer even if a doctor has not yet diagnosed them as unfit for work. Here, too, special insurance coverage is due.

In the context of health insurance, you should consider the regulations and possibilities of the employer's allowance in order to find the optimal insurance coverage for you, whereby there are great differences between civil servant and salaried teachers.

Should I take out insurance in case I lose my teacher's key??

Opinions vary widely on the need for coverage against key loss. While one opinion states that only the intentional loss of school keys leads to liability, others assume that even the negligent loss leads to the fact that you as a teacher must pay for the resulting damage.

This damage can quickly become very expensive, because usually not only a key has to be replaced, but the entire locking system of a school building. In order not to rely on any liability theories, you should therefore in any case cover the risk of losing the key with an appropriate insurance policy.

Thus, any costs arising due to liability are taken off your shoulders or unjustified claims are defended against by the legal protection function of the liability insurance. This way, you can avoid the high costs of a new locking system with a key loss insurance or a corresponding inclusion in the official liability insurance and can devote yourself to the essential tasks of the teaching profession without having to watch over your key all the time.

What happens if I lose my teacher key?

If you lose your teacher's key, it is not enough to replace the key so that it is available again. For security reasons, it is imperative that all of the school's locks and keys be replaced, resulting in a very large expense.

The school or the school board can charge these costs to the teacher, as the teacher is responsible for the loss. The euro amounts, which are sometimes in the five-digit range, can then quickly lead to an enormous financial burden, which can also have an effect on making a daily living.

In order to avoid such a risk, you should always pay attention to the inclusion of the key loss risk when taking out a liability insurance, at best the service liability insurance.

With this coverage you avoid the discussions in which it is not quite clear in which cases you as a teacher can be taken in recourse and when not.

What is important when choosing insurance for teachers?

As always when choosing the best insurance, it is also important for teachers to make sure that the scope of insurance is comprehensive and perfectly tailored to their profession.

Thus, in liability insurance, it is important to insist on the inclusion of service liability and the risk of loss of school keys.
In connection with disability insurance, the choice of an extended variant in the form of disability insurance should be chosen to protect income at all times.

In addition to an individually desired scope of coverage, optimal coverage through health insurance should always be coordinated with the employer's allowance payments in order to take advantage of as many benefits as possible. Considering these important aspects you should always compare the different, suitable tariffs at the same time, in order to secure a perfect choice for you and a carefree life also regarding the contribution.

Can I change insurance as a teacher at any time?

It is not uncommon to want to forgo insurance coverage because you feel you no longer need it or can no longer afford it. In addition, it can happen that one wants to terminate the contractual relationship with the insurer, because there are cheaper and possibly also more powerful offers.

For teachers, the same notice periods apply as for any other policyholder. For example, there are the fixed terms for liability insurance, which must be canceled three months before expiration to change the insurance.

In the case of private health insurance, notice of termination must also be given three months before the end of the insurance year, while in the case of statutory health insurance, notice of termination always takes effect at the end of the month after next after a certain period of time.

An employed teacher can only switch from statutory to private health insurance once he or she has reached the annual income threshold, as he or she is compulsorily insured in the GKV before that. A disability insurance can be cancelled at any time, whereby with all insurances the question of an adequate replacement must always be asked, in order to secure for oneself a complete and furthermore optimal insurance protection.

Are teachers automatically covered by health insurance?

Teachers are then automatically covered by health insurance if they do not wish to change the coverage they had prior to becoming a teacher. Then the contract simply continues to run, so that indirectly one can speak of automatic health insurance.

Otherwise, however, there is no automatic insurance, because the insured can always decide about his health insurance. In the case of teachers, before making such a decision, it is always necessary to check whether there is an obligation to take out health insurance in the statutory health insurance scheme.

As a civil servant teacher this is not the case, so you are completely free to decide whether PKV or GKV is better. If one is employed as a teacher in the employment relationship, the obligation to the GKV exists up to the reaching of the insurance obligation border and only then can be decided freely, which insurance protection one selects or retains for itself.

What does health insurance for teachers cost??

The cost of health insurance depends first and foremost on the type of insurance chosen. The calculation of the statutory health insurance is based on the monthly income, from which the respective valid contribution rate of the health insurance companies of currently 15.5 % is calculated and demanded as insurance contribution.

The higher the earnings, the higher the contributions. For civil servants, it is important to note that the maximum contribution rate is applied to the statutory health insurance at all times. Private health insurance, on the other hand, calculates the premium completely independently of income and includes the individually selected scope of insurance as well as additional features such as pre-existing conditions, entry age and deductibles in the calculation.

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