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Founded in 1921 in the German town of the same name, the Wustenrot financial group has a long tradition as a building society that expanded its business to Austria as early as 1925. Through mergers with insurance companies and banks, Wustenrot successively expanded its business areas and positioned itself more broadly in the competitive landscape. Fast 2.Today, 700 employees ensure the support of around 2.2 million cross-divisional customer connections in Austria, Slovakia and Croatia. Wustenrot presents total solutions for the areas of financing, savings, insurance and retirement planning.

Experiences of customers with the Wustenrot

Experiences of other customers can be very helpful in making a decision when comparing insurances. Various web portals offer the possibility to give one's opinion about an insurance company. The customer experiences over the Wustenrot turn out however thereby only medium. On average, Wustenrot receives 2.3 out of 5 possible stars from its customers.

The household insurance of Wustenrot

The following insured risks are found in the basic coverage of Wustenrot Versicherungs-AG's household insurance:

  • Fire, indirect and direct lightning, explosion and deflagration
  • Natural hazards, such as damage caused by floods, inundation, avalanches, avalanche air pressure, mudslides, subsidence, earthquakes as well as precipitation water
  • Tap water leakage
  • Burglary, theft as well as vandalism
  • Glass breakage insurance
  • Personal liability insurance

The XXL coverage extension significantly increases the scope of insurance in both the household and the included personal liability coverage.

Wustenrot's insurance cover in detail

Wustenrot Versicherungs-AG grants its new customers a premium guarantee for three years and thus waives the possibility of increasing premiums in line with the claims experience for this period of time. The calculation of the sum insured is based on a flat rate of 1.400 euros per square meter of living space – i.e., at a relatively high level. Optionally, the maximum compensation can be increased by another 25 percent, for example, if the household is equipped with particularly valuable items.

In the basic version, the damages falling under the category of catastrophe protection are covered up to a damage amount of 4.000 euros is included, but this limit can be reduced to 10 percent of the sum insured for a premium surcharge and a maximum of 20.000 Euro increase. Another possibility to extend the insurance coverage is in relation to valuables in the safe or furniture safe: these are included in the basic version with 20.000 Euro insured, which amounts to 40.000 euros increase.

With the XXL package, the insured acquires further coverage extensions: Damage promoted by gross negligence is included up to 50 percent of the damage amount. In addition, items of personal or professional use located in locked vehicles are considered insured up to 400 euros per year as well as vehicles not subject to registration up to an indemnity limit of 2.500 Euro.

In the private liability insurance, the following variants are provided: 1 million euros lump sum for personal injury, property damage and financial loss in the basic version and 2 million euros for the XXL variant. Another module deals with benefits in the event of failure of the heating system, excluding defects due to wear and age.

Other services and private insurances of Wustenrot Versicherungs-AG

Wustenrot insurance customers can be informed by SMS about current severe weather warnings. Alternatively, an app is available that provides access not only to the wide range of information and severe weather warnings, but also to the insurer's claim forms and other services. The Wustenrot CareCard rounds off the portfolio, the emergency phone number listed there is used for uncomplicated use of a wide range of services and organizational services.

Under the heading House & Home, insurance cover for one's own house can be obtained over and above household insurance. If required, this also covers the construction phase with fire shell and builder's liability insurance; in addition, homeowner's and landowner's liability is also covered.

Conclusion – household insurance Wustenrot

The insurance offer of Wustenrot convinces by its simply structured tariffs, which cover almost all risks for the customers. All important risks are already insured in the standard tariff. Who would like to extend its insurance protection additionally, which can attain with the XXL cover extension additional insurance protection. When it comes to convenience, Wustenrot convinces with its own mobile app. This allows a simple damage report but various service options.

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