Gabi weber sews protective masks for the employees of the stockheim community

Gabi weber sews protective masks for the employees of the stockheim community

Staying at home is the main challenge at the moment. Gabi weber from stockheim uses this time to help other people. She admits that she did not come up with this good idea on her own. Rather, it was mayor rainer detsch who gave the impetus to help.

The head of the mining community of stockheim called the tailor to see if she could help out at short notice. He wanted to help his employees in the administration and in the building yard, but also those who perform their duties at the kindergarten and the schools for the maintenance of an emergency care, with nose and mouth masks. "I also wanted to contact the fire department to see if there was a need there", says detsch. He sees now as the time to act.

Gabi weber did not have to think long about the mayor’s request and agreed to it. "But where do I get the right material?", was their question. The head of the town hall had an idea for this as well. He took the helpful seamstress with him to get the material. Fabric, holding strap and rubber had to be chosen. And immediately, the other tailor changed her business to the production of protective masks.

Rainer detsch is aware that there is currently no optimal protection against the corona virus, but a little protection is still much better than none at all. Therefore he is grateful to everyone. Who, like gabi weber, does this spontaneously.

Washable and reusable

The fabric from which she sews the masks is washable and can be used several times. The protective masks prevent touching the mouth and nose with the hands and prevent the transmission of droplets when sneezing and coughing to other people.

In the town hall, in addition to disinfectants, there are also protective masks for visitors, which they can take home after their visit to the town hall. The mayor himself picked up the first copies from gabi weber on thursday. He also drove a small delivery to the catholic kindergarten st. Wolfgang, where he was warmly welcomed by the head of the kindergarten, claudia baumann. For reasons of protection, however, the delivery was handed only through a window, and the head of the municipality was not allowed to enter.

The joy and the thanks for this first delivery were great. Now the mayor hopes that further material can be procured quickly and that gabi weber will keep her sewing machine running for a long time for a good cause.