Decision on the nordheim wine festival postponed

Decision on the nordheim wine festival postponed

Three years ago, the nordheim wine festival, a cult event, was about to come to an end. The local winegrowers’ cooperative withdrew as the organizer and a number of initially interested wineries did not agree to participate as stand operators at the wine festival.

Community organizer until 2018

Not least thanks to the commitment of the municipality, which stepped into the breach as organizer for divino (winegrowers’ cooperative), the local tourism council and the volkach tourism chief marco maiberger, the 56th anniversary was celebrated with a new concept in 2016. Nordheim wine festival. It was decided that the municipality of nordheim would host the wine festival until the jubilee year 2018.

That’s in the past and in the meantime it’s about finding an organizer from 2019 onwards. If the stand operators have their way, the municipality of nordheim will continue to organize the wine festival. A corresponding application was presented to the council body in the meeting on monday evening.

Insane costs for winegrowers

During the discussion in the council there was agreement: it would be a shame if "the whole thing fell asleep", the nordheim wine festival should continue to be held if possible. However, the fact that only six of the initially ten stand operators have confirmed their participation in the wine festival 2019 is causing headaches. For some council members, this is simply not enough to continue to "hang on for dear life" to the traditional event. The opinion was expressed that a continuation of the wine festival would only make sense if there was strong support from the winegrowers. Waldemar braun took the winegrowers or. Stand operators in protection. He spoke of insane costs and "if the winegrowers don’t want any more, they just don’t want any more". They certainly had their reason for it, said braun.

Another start

Nevertheless, another attempt is to be made and all winegrowers and other businesses are to be approached once again to take part in the nordheim wine festival as stand operators. Only after this action one will decide in the municipal council whether the municipality appears further as an organizer.