Bavaria ticket: railroads complain of high losses due to fraud

bavaria ticket: railroads complain of high losses due to fraud

Fraud with the bavarian ticket costs the railroad at least 500 euros every year, according to its own estimates.000 euro. The background is a "nationwide phenomenon with changing regional emphases", the railroad's regional press offices explained in response to a request for information. The bahn as a "tugboat fraudsters use one of the country's tickets several times with different passengers and thus collect money again and again.

A bavarian ticket actually allows up to five passengers to travel through bavaria for a day on local trains – but the passengers may not be swapped during the trip. The company is now using undercover investigators against the fraudsters. Passenger advocates criticize this.

The railroad does not yet have nationwide figures – but comparable tickets are also available in other countries. The railroad assumes that about 30 to 50 so-called tugboats are active in bavaria, as reinhard sab of DB regio said in munich on wednesday. According to the company, the fraudsters take in about 100 euros every day they are on the job.

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Starting signal after 25 years

Yesterday at noon, the official starting signal was given for what, at 3.8 million euros, has been the most expensive single project in the district of bamberg in recent years: the widening of the district road that runs through the buttenheim district of stackendorf. A project about which the decision-makers have been racking their brains for the past 25 years…
As proof, county chief gunther denzler had the copy of the FT article of 28. November 1987. As can be read there, mdl philipp vollkommer also made a stop in stackendorf during his district tour. There, mayor friedrich kauer explained that they were striving for a new road layout for the local thoroughfare in order to achieve more traffic safety.

The problem: the deichselbach practically divides the county road BA 12, the roadway for one direction is to the west, the other to the east of the creek. On the western side there is no sidewalk. All local traffic, including heavy goods traffic, will travel on the divided state highway. As denzler recalled, there had been efforts to merge the two halves of the roadway, and consequently to "move" the stream. As denzler explained, a lot of water flowed down during the planning process, and plans were made back and forth. "Now the stream stays where it is", noted denzler.

This year and next year bridges and walls will be built, in 2014 trenches and sidewalks. About the project itself and its long run-up he remarked: "what lasts a long time, finally becomes good"."
Buttenheim’s mayor johann kalb even spoke of paradisiacal conditions for the people of stackendorf – after completion of the project. The local population has had to suffer for quite a long time in view of the unsatisfactory traffic situation, and will probably have to continue to do so during the construction period. But afterwards he predicted "a state like in paradise". For this, he thanked the county and especially the construction committee. He had recognized the explosive nature of the situation. Those who do not know the situation, he suggested, only need to go to the crossroads early in the morning.

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City sets up a carpool

City sets up a carpool

The "carpool" project the alliance main& habberge picks up speed. This is how the finance and main committee of the city of habfurt approved the project and financing agreement at its meeting on tuesday evening. Thus, the city of habfurt participates in the project with 9356 euros.

The project, which is funded by the EU program "leader is to be demanded, joins the project "mitfahrbank" of the municipality of knetzgau and would like to improve mobility in the region and supplement local public transport. The total cost of the new bank, directional signs and public relations work, minus the demand (40,200 euros), is 39,530 euros.

As mayor gunther werner (WG) announced, not only the alliance municipalities theres, wonfurt, gadheim, konigsberg and habfurt, but also the municipality of breitbrunn and the gemeindeallianz hofheimer land are participating in the new project. The car-sharing banks should serve to establish contact between drivers and passengers. This way, citizens who travel by car can pick up burgers at the ride-sharing banks. "Since we will integrate the 15 pick-up points into existing bus stops in our city, we will not need a separate bus bench", explained the mayor.

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