Groundbreaking ceremony for the brendlorenzen elementary school

groundbreaking ceremony for the brendlorenzen elementary school

The former playground was hardly recognizable: the ground was gone and the asphalt had been torn up. The excavator was already waiting for its new tasks.

"Goodbye my schoolhouse. Goodbye my playground. Now something new is coming and we are excited about it. Dudideldadeldum", the school choir sang. For 25 years, waldemar manger has led the small school in brendlorenzen. "She is more than familiar to me, she has really grown on me", he told a large crowd of schoolchildren, parents, city administration and builders. Nevertheless, he is looking forward to the new school. "May the construction work go as smoothly and successfully as the plans." Mayor bruno altrichter loves to review the history so far. It was written 25. November 2010, when the decision was made to make significant changes to the site of the brendlorenzen elementary school. Architects first looked into the possibilities of renovation. On 10. In may of last year, the decision was finally made to build a new elementary school, and the city had the foresight to opt for a passive house standard.

But it was not only about the new school building with barrier-free access, the kindergarten with after-school care and the gymnasium located in the immediate vicinity were also to be comprehensively modernized. The parking lot and the bus stop on riemenschneiderstrabe are also being redesigned.

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“It’s the same thing that hurts”

Questions of a thoughtful franken, freely after B. Brecht so the story I"m telling you today is not from my friend heiner, who is a real frank, but from heiner himself, that is, from me. Because it"s about the beda, the gabelein, who would tell the stories otherwise.

Because the beda had made us a lot of problems, even though he didn"t know anything else, if you want to believe him. He had only known that he would never be able to. So not only not as a school principal, he already quit a few years ago, but as a member of the home town association. But now there is something less pleasant to see. The beda – or bedrus, as his friend soong – makes us an archer and worry in life, a weng a freid is in ferne ferne grudschd.

But from the beginning: he is already a schdernla, the former emptier. He's been married to the home club for years. Everybody, who knows the schdammdirsch, is a archer fan of the bedrus. Wall if anyone knows anything, it's the beda.

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The job makes her spab

The job makes her spab

After a good 100 days in office, the first mayor, judith dekant (rothhausen electoral association), drew an initial conclusion. With 50.2 percent, she not only made it into the town hall in the first round of voting, but was also the first woman to take the chair at the town hall in thundorf.

Together with katja habersack from motten, she is one of two female mayors in the district of bad kissingen. Despite twelve years of municipal experience, six of them as second mayor, dekant notes that new experiences in the performance of the office are added every day.

Better every day

"Since my election, but especially since I took office, many things have been shaped by corona. I notice that in my daily dealings with the burgers, but also in the daily processes within the community. It is not always easy, but it gets better every day", says the mayor. It’s not easy when you suddenly bear the responsibility of mayor and are aware of it. The burghers pay on one and liked that the pending issues in the municipality are brought forward actively. "I think you need a certain flair and, above all, the time to be close to the citizens," says the mayor, she says.

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