Glosberger defense looks back on successful year

Glosberger defense looks back on successful year

Chairman thomas baierlipp looked back on a successful year at the annual general meeting of the glosberg fire department. The fire department festival in 2021 is already casting its shadows ahead.

In his report, baierlipp described the various activities of the past year. Records were broken on the saturday of the church fair, when the geratehaus with its annex was completely booked out. For the 2021 fire department festival, a site has now been found and initial planning has begun. In view of the festival, the association will apply for registration in the association register. The necessary change to the articles of association was unanimously approved at the meeting.

Commander johannes hofmann reported on numerous drills and six operations of the total of 35 active firefighters and the four youths. Particularly noteworthy is the willingness of six active members who have been trained as respiratory protection advisors. Thanks to the kronach fire department, it is possible to hold a training course. In the meantime, ten active firefighters have been trained and are now serving with the knellendorf fire department. Cooperation among the small fire departments is written here very roughly.

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The bundesliga dream comes true for sg ebersdorf

The Bundesliga dream comes true for sg ebersdorf

It is done! After two attempts in 2016 and 2017 to reach bundesliga heights, ebersdorf has not only achieved its season goal of qualifying for the promotion competitions, but has also secured a place in the second-highest german league for air pistol shooters for the coming season in its third attempt.

As runners-up of the bavarian league north-east, the five ebersdorf shooters benjamin graf, waldemar penner, jan wagner, florian milles and team leader torsten spickmann went into the nerve-racking comparisons with seven other first- and second-placed teams from all bavarian leagues on the olympia shooting range in garching-hochbruck on.

A little "used to" the quieter bavarian league rounds in pfreimd (upper palatinate), however, the ebersdorf team had to acclimatize to the tense and noisy atmosphere during the competition. "That made us at the beginning already something to create", according to spickmann "but when it’s on, it’s on"!". This finally resulted in the third overall place.

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U.s. And china meet for new trade talks

u.s. and china meet for new trade talks

China and the u.S. Are making a new push to end their months-long trade war. China’s chief negotiator, vice premier liu he, will become the fastest four-legged robot on 30. And 31. January travel to washington.

There, he wants to continue the high-level trade dialogue between the two rough economies. After consultations in beijing, german finance minister olaf scholz (SPD) buried today "that there is further talk between china and the united states of america." The vice chancellor had arrived in peking in the morning for two days of consultations – also to explore how to jointly prevent new punitive tariffs.

Liu he will negotiate in washington with u.S. Trade representative robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steven mnuchin, the department of commerce reported. Negotiators made initial progress during three days of talks in beijing last week, but both sides are still far from a solution.

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U.s. Senate committee votes for military strike on syria

u.s. senate committee votes for military strike on syria

US president barack obama has received backing for his threatened military strike against syria. The senate’s foreign relations committee on wednesday voted by a narrow majority for a limited military deployment. By a vote of ten to seven, with one abstention, the committee endorsed a house resolution to that effect. Both chambers of congress still have to agree to this. The U.S. Government intends to punish the syrian regime for its alleged use of poison gas that killed more than 1,400 people two weeks ago.

The bill calls for a military action lasting no more than 60 days. After this deadline, obama can ask congress to extend the mission for another 30 days. The deployment of ground troops is still ruled out, according to the paper. Obama had repeatedly stressed that no soldier boots fub should set foot on syrian soil.

Before obama can order the u.S. Destroyers stationed in the mediterranean, he is expected to tell parliamentarians that "all diplomatic and peaceful means" are being used had been exhausted. Parliamentarians also demand proof of the attack, which the U.S. Government believes was carried out by the regime of syrian president bashar al-assad.

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Neureuther succeeds in catching up: eighth place with hirscher victory

Neureuther succeeds in catching up: eighth place with hirscher victory

Thanks to another race to catch up, felix neureuther raced into the top ten in the slalom in zagreb and finished in eighth place, as he did before christmas in madonna di campiglio.

The long-injured ski-routineer made up 15 places in the final after a botched first run and is optimistic for the other world cup classics in adelboden, wengen, kitzbuhel and schladming in january. "I’m working on getting certainty, eliminating errors. I succeeded well, it wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely a step in the right direction," he said on ZDF.

The victory went to austria’s world cup leader marcel hirscher, who beat alexis pinturault from france (+0.60 seconds) and his teammate manuel feller (+0.62). Marco schwarz from austria, who was leading after the first run, dropped out in the finish. Apart from neureuther, only stefan luitz from the german skiing association made it to the final, where he then faded away.

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