Scholz and macron against compulsory testing when traveling in the eu

Scholz and macron against compulsory testing when traveling in the eu

Germany and france currently consider mandatory PCR testing for coronavirus when traveling within the eu to be inappropriate.

"We have no intention of introducing these tests within the european union because we attach great importance to the smooth functioning of our common area," french president emmanuel macron said at a joint press conference with german chancellor olaf scholz on friday night after the eu summit in brussel. In addition, the effectiveness of such a mabnahme would be very reduced, because cross-border commuters were usually exempt from them.

Scholz: "freedom is important"

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Doctors’ horror scenario: who gets to live, who has to die?

Doctors' horror scenario: who gets to live, who has to die?

In the following weeks, the corona crisis could create a situation for germany’s hospitals that has never been seen before in the history of the federal republic: with intensive care units overloaded, doctors had to decide in the worst case who could live and who had to die.

Fortunately, this is not yet the case anywhere in germany, but the epidemic has not yet reached its peak. A situation like that in italy with overburdened intensive care units must be avoided in germany, but it cannot be ruled out, the head of the robert koch institute (RKI), lothar wieler, recently said. "We do everything to prevent this from happening."

The german foundation for patient protection calls for a parliamentary debate on how doctors should decide if the worst comes to the worst. "There is only one body in germany that can decide on guidelines for life and death, and that is parliament," says the foundation’s chairman, eugen brysch. It is a terrible ethical dilemma – and high time for a broad discussion.

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New corona case in china caused by german pork knuckle?

new corona case in china caused by german pork knuckle?

China has identified a pork knuckle imported via bremerhaven as the trigger for a new corona case. According to state media reports, a worker in a cold storage house in the eastern chinese city of tianjin has been infected.

According to the report, tests have detected traces of the virus on the packaging of a frozen pork knuckle that was transported to china via a port in the federal state of bremen and arrived in tianjin on october 19. October in tianjin. From there she was taken to the city of dezhou.

It was not possible to find out from which german slaughterhouse the pork knuckle came. "There is no pig slaughterhouse or cutting plant in bremen," said lukas fuhrmann, spokesman for the bremen health department, on monday. According to senate spokesman christian dohle, there is also no company that packages pig parts and has an export permit to china. The delivery in which the knuckle was must have been packed with it in another federal state. A great many goods are exported to other countries via bremerhaven. Container ships typically take between four and six weeks to travel from europe to china.

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Traces of the city chop: hutten still standing

traces of the city chop: hutten still standing

The town pub of the kitzingen town marketing association at the town balcony in summer was a success under the conditions and restrictions of the corona pandemic and a joy for many people. Some passers-by are less pleased that even in the first week of november, traces of the "stadtschoppen" can still be seen at the town balcony in sthashaus – for example in the form of barriers that have been "crisscrossed" there in the meantime are distributed, as a contributor of this editorial office has reported. Sales hats from the stadtschoppen are also still in place, barricaded and locked. At least the red and white warning barks, which were also still there in the middle of the week, have been picked up in the meantime.

The fact that hutten and gitter are still there is due to considerations by the city marketing association to possibly put on an event there during the advent season after all. "We’re still keeping a plan B open, reports frank gimperlein at the request of this editorial team. In principle, the city marketing association had liked "a kind of christmas market or something similar" planned, says the chairman of the city marketing association. But in view of the current partial lockdown and the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic, those responsible had to wait and see and then react spontaneously when it became clear in the second half of november which restrictions would apply beyond the end of the month.

However, as soon as it was clear that the lockdown would continue in december, during the advent season, the hats on the etwashauser town balcony were dismantled, gimperlein announces.

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Fewer unemployed in october thanks to strong autumn revival

Fewer unemployed in october thanks to strong autumn revival

Number of unemployed in bavaria fell again in october. Just under 278,000 people were out of work in the month, almost 15,000 fewer than in september, according to the bavarian regional office of the federal employment agency (BA) on thursday. The unemployment rate dropped by 0.2 percentage points to 3.7 percent. It is normal for unemployment to fall after the summer vacations. But in this year overshadowed by the corona crisis, it is a positive signal.

"The seasonal upturn on the labor market in the fall is stronger this year", said the head of the regional office, ralf holtzwart.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that fewer people lost their jobs in september. On the other hand, the start of the training and study year meant that young people in particular were able to end their unemployment spells. For the period from october 2019 to september 2020, the number of reported training positions was 103 221. That is a good 7,000 fewer than in the same period last year and roughly corresponds to the figure for the 2015/16 training year. Nevertheless, for every young person still looking for an apprenticeship, there are still 12.5 vacancies, according to bavaria's labor minister carolina trautner (CSU).

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