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As a rule, people don't like dealing with insurance companies too much. Buying insurance can be complicated, and making a claim can be both frustrating and incredibly time-consuming in some circumstances. Innovative companies that manage to improve the overall experience could benefit from this. For example, Lemonade (WKN: A2P7Z1 ) – an innovative insurance company that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

Getting a traffic ticket in West Chester, Pennsylvania can be more than a minor annoyance. If you are found guilty of a moving violation, you will receive points on your record from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The point system used in the state tracks your behavior while driving. If you accumulate too many points, your insurance rates will increase., You can also have your driver's license suspended if you have too many points or immediately for certain crimes. If you get help from an experienced traffic lawyer at DiCindio Law, you can avoid accumulating too many points and getting a license suspension. If you depend on your ability to drive to get to work, run errands, or go to school, getting too many points on your driving record can cause major disruptions in your life.,

Points and driver's license suspensions in Pennsylvania

If you reach six points or more on your Pennsylvania Driving Record, you risk having your driving privileges suspended. The number of points that can cause you to lose your license depends on your age and type of license. If you have a commercial driver's license, you may receive higher points and have to suspend your license immediately for certain types of traffic citations.,

Costs in unit-linked policies (part 2) – problem of net return

Misleading calculation basis

Yield information in offers for fund policies cannot be transferred 1:1 to the yields of the investment funds selected in the policy. This circumstance, however, is not a problem of the investment funds – as is often rumored – but is due to the way in which the insurance companies extrapolate their figures. For the projection of the maturity benefit, a linear interest rate (z.B. 6%) of the premium is made and the insurance costs are deducted; a net return is therefore calculated.

In unit-linked policies, however, the premiums paid in – after deduction of insurance costs – are invested in investment funds. Investment funds are operated and managed by fund companies. There are costs and fees (TER) for this; in return for the activities for the investor.

A unit-linked pension insurance gets the highest possible return on savings with a long term to maturity. But you should definitely choose a commission-free contract.

Absolutely recommended for long terms

The unit-linked pension insurance is a fund savings plan in an insurance shell. If the pension is not yet in sight, one thus the 50. If you have not yet celebrated your 17th birthday and still have more than 17 years until retirement, and you want to take out a private pension plan, then a unit-linked pension insurance is absolutely recommended. Especially during the meanwhile longer lasting low-interest phase, in which the guaranteed interest rate for life insurance is so low that it can hardly beat inflation over the long term.

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If you are a student teacher, trainee civil servant or trainee teacher, we at DBV / AXA Regionalvertretung fair Finanzpartner oHG in Bremen have the best possible solutions for you. We will support you in insurance matters relating to the career of a civil servant on site, at the universities or, of course, online.

Taos is a small town in New Mexico with only 6.000 residents.Despite its size, it is a popular destination for skiing and snow sports as well as incredible mountain scenery, outdoor activities and artistic atmosphere.

It is also home to Taos Pueblo, the only authentic Native American community designated as both a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Property insurer Continentale has increased the coverage of its cyber protection policy and lowered premiums. In the future, damage to IT system hardware will be covered in addition to damage caused by business interruption to external cloud service providers. The limit of the sum insured has also been raised to two million euros. Freely selectable deductions are also new.

Lawmakers have decided to cut the guaranteed interest rate on life insurance and retirement products starting 1. January 2022 to lower!
(The previous guaranteed interest rate is 0.9% – the future one is only 0.25%>>> Reduction to almost a quarter)