The best DAB+ and WLAN radios with Anne-Kathrin Kosch (November 2017)

The state of New Mexico requires that cars have titles that belong to their owners. When a car is bought or sold, or when it is inherited as a gift or after the owner's death, the title must be changed to reflect the new owner's name. Title transfers in New Mexico are not complicated, but the process does require some specific steps for all parties involved.

Many of us have fond memories of buying our first car. It was something special and you often left quite a bit of money at the dealership. However, times have changed and there are now several ways to rent a car.

Several companies, including automakers, have developed subscription models that target consumers who are less interested in ownership and more interested in convenience. And it's not just Millennials who are jumping on the bandwagon.

When a person dies, it is a bitter and sorrowful experience. Many relatives forget that the insurance documents must also be checked in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is required, however deep the grief may be. Otherwise, in case of doubt, even the insurance benefit is at stake!

If there is an insurance policy in the event of death, such as a term life insurance policy, then the insurer must usually be informed immediately. The period within which this notification must be made can be found in the insurance policy: The usual time for this is 3 days. The period begins as soon as one has learned of the death of the insured person. If the death is caused by accident, the accident insurance even insists on a notification period of 48 hours, unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

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Finally the ball is rolling again. The 2018 World Cup in Russia (14. June to 15. July) puts many fans in a state of emergency. Houses, balconies and even vehicles are decorated with colorful bunting, flags and other fan merchandise. There are rules to follow for fan equipment and for motorcades. We enlighten you.

In the case of marriage, it is possible to conclude a prenuptial agreement. The selectable matrimonial property regimes are the following three: Errungenschaftsbeteiligung, community of property and separation of property. If no prenuptial agreement is concluded, the matrimonial property regime applies. Muriel Ego-Sevinc, a lawyer and specialist in family law, explains: "The share of acquisitions can be adjusted somewhat individually through a prenuptial agreement. However, the other matrimonial property regimes, such as the separation of property and the community of property, also offer interesting options and allow the property consequences of the marriage to be adapted to the individual needs of the spouses." Therefore, the divorce lawyer recommends to deal with the consequences of marriage in time and to get advice in this regard.

Inheritance share

In this form there are four assets. The personal property of both spouses as well as the earnings of both spouses. Personal property includes all items for personal use, as well as assets that belonged to one before marriage or that come to one later through inheritance. In addition, respective replacement purchases for the personal property also belong to the personal property. The inheritance includes, among other things, work earnings, benefits for personnel welfare institutions, social insurances, social welfare institutions, the earnings of the personal property and also the replacement acquisition for inheritance. In the event of a divorce, the assets of both spouses are divided in half, unless a marriage contract to the contrary has been concluded.

You surely know the green license plate from agriculture. But why is this license plate also seen on a boat trailer or a caravan?

What is actually the green license plate?

Almost all types of vehicles except buses and motorcycles can get a green license plate if the conditions are right. According to traffic and tax law, this license depends on the use of the vehicle. A vehicle with a green license plate is exempt from motor vehicle tax according to § 3 KraftStG (German Motor Vehicle Tax Act). To do this, you must file an appropriate application with the tax office, which must meet a few criteria.

Homeowner's insurance, or household insurance, is a way to insure items within the home. Accordingly, such property insurance covers damage that may occur to the inventory of a residential property due to a wide variety of hazards.

Vacation! A perfect time to visit places of interest. What better way to do this than to leave your suitcases in Malaga in Spain? It is even better to visit it with a rental car! From the Alcazaba to the museums and the beautiful beaches, discover the beauty of this city and spend an unforgettable vacation.

accident insurance costs

If an accident leaves you with permanent health damage, accident insurance protects you from the financial consequences. However, this coverage only pays out in certain cases, so it needs to be viewed more as a supplement to disability insurance. In the interview with the cost check expert, we clarify, among other things, the costs of accident insurance and what you should look for when taking out such coverage.

The capital is shrinking from year to year, the guaranteed interest rate is on a downward slide, the surplus participation has melted down to zero – after the first and second pillars of old-age provision, the third is now also crumbling. How insurance companies rip off customers on a grand scale.

Endowment life insurance has become a pretty bad deal for customers. Who thought to have provided sufficiently for the age, sees itself bitterly deceived. The payout shrinks from year to year like butter in the sun. For many, there is no longer any question of a carefree retirement. Der Spiegel" took up this topic and comes to the conclusion that the "life insurance companies are passing on their problems to the customers" . Their problems are mainly due to Draghi's low-interest policy . The head of the European Central Bank (ECB) has cut interest rates to zero – and below. How are insurers supposed to earn money for themselves, their customers and their shareholders??