Awo meeting place in rodental is still looking for “helpers

Awo meeting place in rodental is still looking for

Anyone who thinks that only senior citizens meet at the awo meeting place on burgerplatz is seriously mistaken. In the activity report of the director, natalia richter, kindergarten children as well as teenagers or seniors appear. The city council would like to know what is going on in the club. Finally, the city contributes to the cost of the facility. Last year 36000 euro were spent for it.
The facility is run by the coburg district association of the workers' welfare association (arbeiterwohlfahrt coburg). Managing director carsten hollein emphasizes the importance of the meeting place as a meeting place for all generations. "The social reality is reflected in the meeting place", he said. This extends to visitors who, at the end of the month, no longer take advantage of the offers despite the low prices, because their money is simply no longer enough. "That too is reality", said hollein. It is all the more important to have an offer like the treff, which is strongly supported by volunteers. In order to be able to offer even more, all interested parties are called upon to contact the meeting if they would like to make an interesting course offer.
Natalia richter can prove that there is interest in the activities at the meeting place with impressive figures. Since the foundation with funds from the "glucksspirale" in 2002, more than 165,000 visitors have come to over 25,000 events. Last year alone, 12,557 people attended the 2494 events. And it's not just about joint recreational activities.

Advice and action

Many offers provide assistance. For example, young people give courses on how to use smartphones or computers, or the criminal police give advice on how to better protect homes against burglars, or warn against the latest scam schemes. The toddlers' group brings together young mothers for an exchange of ideas and experiences. There is a whole range of educational offers, health requirements or support in the context of neighborhood assistance, which is organized through the meeting. 61 volunteers are currently available as course instructors, lecturers, reading mentors or language mentors for tasks outside of the center, helping in the cafeteria or at fixed events. Further support is welcome in all areas.

High expenditures

Since the end of the start-up financing by the "glucksspirale", the awo-kreisverband bears the major part of the costs. According to carsten hollein, a total of 484,000 euros has been spent on the facility since its inception. Last year alone, a deficit of 16,670 euros was incurred, which was borne by the awo district association. In this context, hollein pointed out that an increase in personnel costs must also be expected if tariffs are adjusted accordingly.
Rodental's mayor marco steiner () made it clear that the city is aware of the importance of the work in the treff and has an interest in ensuring that this work can also be carried out in the future in the facility on burgerplatz.
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