After kleinlangheim’s title win, performance drops off

After kleinlangheim's title win, performance drops off

A 3:0 win against ostheim and a 2:3 loss against TSV jahn wurzburg were enough to cross the finish line ahead of TSV munnerstadt, which is currently tied on minus points. The latter still has to play two games against lengfeld II (7) at the weekend.) and eltmann III (9.), but the TSV set ratio was at best +27, while vfl kleinlangheim already finished the round with +30.

TSV ostheim – vfl kleinlangheim (21:25, 15:25, 19:25).

"We had fun playing the first game, because we really wanted to become champions", stephan kuntzer commented on the match at eighth-placed host TSV ostheim. His team had waited two and a half hours for the first serve, as ostheim and jahn wurzburg had first fought a five-set duel (2:3). At 18.30 o'clock the first kleinlangheimer ball flew. "We hardly made any mistakes – block, attack and serve, everything went perfectly", said the vfl player. Quickly it hit 3:0 for the vfl.

Vfl kleinlangheim – TSV jahn wurzburg 2:3 (25:11, 14:25, 25:12, 18:25, 4:15).

"After the success against ostheim we only needed one or two sets against jahn wurzburg to be champions, we knew that", kuntzer emphasized. Accordingly, the vfl kleinlangheim made pressure in the first round and won clearly. "After that the air was somehow out, we played unfocused and sloppy in attack and block in the second set" – wurzburg equalized. In the third set, kuntzer's oldie squad (the average age is around 39 or 40) showed a counter-reaction. "When we changed the setter – andreas schwarz for matthias aigner – things went much better." 25:12 won there the new champion. "Instead of keeping up, we lost touch", the kleinlangheimer said. The wurzburgers, on the other hand, had gotten emotionally hyped up, and his team had seemed all the more absent. After 16:16 in the fourth round, the vfl lost 18:25. The tiebreak was even more intense. 1:8 it hit fast, with 4:15 the bezirksliga-aufsteiger went downhill. "This has spoiled our championship joy a little bit", confesses stephan kuntzer. The defeat was simply unnecessary. However, the player also cites the bayern-munich effect, because all the teams had made a special effort against the front-runners. This was not the case last season, as kleinlangheim was still the hunter and not the hunted. Kuntzer also looks ahead. "But we expect to be able to play in the higher league."