Sport unites french and french people

Sport unites french and french people

For ten o'clock the guests from the french twin town sainte-luce-sur-loire had been ordered to the georgsbrunnen. Klaus-peter gabelein from the local history society and the partnership representative of the city of herzogenaurach, rosa abel, were already waiting for the young frenchmen and their companions. The children and young people from the twin town were in herzogenaurach for the first time and some of them seemed to have been a little late to bed the day before, which was evident from the faces of the youngsters.
The first to arrive at the marketplace was mayor bernard aunette from sainte-luce-sur-loire, who calmly watched the arrival of his young burghers. Even mayor german hacker (SPD) did not want to miss the opportunity to bury the 46 frenchmen and be available for some photos. Shortly before the tour began, a primary school class crossed the market square and the children buried "their mayor" by handshake. "So you can also find fans, just stand on the market place", flattened gabelein and joined the school class in a hunched posture. The french were amazed to see children running up to the mayor and saying "hello, mr. Hacker" call.

In the home of sports shoes

Because of the limited time, there was only a small city tour with gabelein, starting from the market place, castle courtyard, once around the church and through the main street back to the meeting point realschule. There the bus was already waiting, because it went to the north to the outlets. "So that you could really try out for the mini-olympics and also wear the right shoes", gabelein gave them something else to take with them on the way. For he told not only the history of the city, but also the history of the sporting goods industry at the cobbler's fountain.
In the afternoon there was the first sportive meeting in the atlantis, there the young frenchmen could measure themselves in a swimming competition with the training community of DLRG and dolphin 77 herzogenaurach. The twelfth mini olympics between young athletes from sainte-luce-sur-loire and herzogenaurach starts today. For years this event has enjoyed great popularity and serves not only the sporting confrontation, but above all to get to know one another.
In the gymnasium of the gymnasium begin at 13. 30 o'clock the competitions in basketball and handball. Nearby, in the sports hall of the wilhelm-feffer-school, there will be demonstrations in judo and ju jutsu by the ju jutsu club herzogenaurach from 4 to 6 p.M. On the land of the gymnastics club, peter muller also offers various athletics disciplines.
On sunday from 10 o'clock in the hall and on the land of the gymnastics club tennis and table tennis games and other activities will take place, at 14.45 o'clock a fubball friendly match concludes the sporting competitions. The public is cordially invited to attend the events free of charge. The award ceremony at the closing ceremony at 4 p.M. On sunday will be performed by the two burgermeisters. At about 6 p.M. On sunday, it was time to say goodbye and the host parents took their new french friends to the parking lot at the weihersbach stream.

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