Plenty of space, comfort and significant improvements

Plenty of space, comfort and significant improvements

The centrally located recyclables center in the connekt technology park opens a new chapter in the county's waste management system. This is what district administrator tamara bischof said in front of the representatives of the district council and the participating companies. The new yard with access from panzerstrabe offers a lot of space, a lot of comfort and a significant improvement in services for the citizens of burgenland. The extensive plant is state-of-the-art in all areas and has great potential for the future.

300 suppliers a day

"Finally a place where you can unload all your problems."That's what the sign at the entrance says, and since the recycling center opened on 2. January, around 300 people have been using the facility every day. They will be offered a pedestrian-free traffic flow as well as wide parking bays for the unloading of waste. Strict separation of delivery and disposal traffic ensures safety. Covered delivery areas protect against wet and, in addition, waste can be easily disposed of from ramps. The district has also invested in a modern problem waste storage facility.

Clear line

Also important, according to the district administrator, is the clear signage so that customers can find their way around quickly. The use of modern LED technology provides the necessary clarity. The new yard also makes it possible to accept a wider range of waste and recyclables. Hard plastic items are just as much a part of this as old clothes and valuable metals. The recycling center will be operated – initially for three years – by the company knettenbrech und gurdulic following a europe-wide invitation to tender.

2.7 million euros

The county has invested around 2.7 million euros in the new recycling center. "The money is well spent for a modern and efficient waste management center," said bishop. Especially since it is also optimally planned for the future.

Too small

As bishop said with a view to history, the district had already relied on a central recycling center at an early stage and opened one in richthofenstrabe as early as 1984. But with its 1500 square meters, it quickly turned out to be too small. After negotiations on an expansion failed and the operator terminated the contract in 2015, a new location was quickly found.

Fast track to the new building

Bischof described the current location on the site formerly used by the u.S. Army as "an absolute stroke of luck". Not least because of the central location, the district committees approved the purchase of the land and the new building. Construction began in 2017, with a "very ambitious schedule". Despite some anxious moments and the danger of finding munitions and contaminated sites, everything worked out, on 2. January at 10 o'clock the gate opened. "We have made a precision landing," said bischof, and for this she thanked her employees and all those involved, with planner markus blum at the helm.

Only praise received

"So far, we have received nothing but praise for the farm and its operation," said bishop at the end, handing over to city pastor uwe-bernd ahrens and parish vicar jurgen thalmuller. They praised the recycling center and the ability to recycle materials as a contribution to preserving the environment and blessed the facility and the people who work here.

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