Groundbreaking ceremony for the brendlorenzen elementary school

groundbreaking ceremony for the brendlorenzen elementary school

The former playground was hardly recognizable: the ground was gone and the asphalt had been torn up. The excavator was already waiting for its new tasks.

"Goodbye my schoolhouse. Goodbye my playground. Now something new is coming and we are excited about it. Dudideldadeldum", the school choir sang. For 25 years, waldemar manger has led the small school in brendlorenzen. "She is more than familiar to me, she has really grown on me", he told a large crowd of schoolchildren, parents, city administration and builders. Nevertheless, he is looking forward to the new school. "May the construction work go as smoothly and successfully as the plans." Mayor bruno altrichter loves to review the history so far. It was written 25. November 2010, when the decision was made to make significant changes to the site of the brendlorenzen elementary school. Architects first looked into the possibilities of renovation. On 10. In may of last year, the decision was finally made to build a new elementary school, and the city had the foresight to opt for a passive house standard.

But it was not only about the new school building with barrier-free access, the kindergarten with after-school care and the gymnasium located in the immediate vicinity were also to be comprehensively modernized. The parking lot and the bus stop on riemenschneiderstrabe are also being redesigned.

On 6. Finally, on february 25, the government of lower franconia granted the much longed-for permission. The first construction work began in february and the groundbreaking ceremony took place on the last day of february. Altrichter asked in advance for understanding of certain difficulties arising from the construction work.On 14. Everything should be ready by september of next year. The inauguration can also be celebrated in the new school, because it also receives a room with an auditorium-like character for festivities. Architect herbert osel predicted a year of stress and noise, but then the old school would fall. The new school should be completed by pentecost of next year, then the children can move in.

While the entrance to the sports hall has already been relocated, the renovation work is not scheduled to begin until whitsun of next year. By the end of the summer vacations in 2014, this mabnahme should also be finished. Osel promptly accepted the spontaneously expressed wish of the children to also build a new playground. Another serenade from the school choir, then mayor bruno altrichter joined city councilors, planners and builders for the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, in which schoolchildren also participated with great glee.

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