Glosberger defense looks back on successful year

Glosberger defense looks back on successful year

Chairman thomas baierlipp looked back on a successful year at the annual general meeting of the glosberg fire department. The fire department festival in 2021 is already casting its shadows ahead.

In his report, baierlipp described the various activities of the past year. Records were broken on the saturday of the church fair, when the geratehaus with its annex was completely booked out. For the 2021 fire department festival, a site has now been found and initial planning has begun. In view of the festival, the association will apply for registration in the association register. The necessary change to the articles of association was unanimously approved at the meeting.

Commander johannes hofmann reported on numerous drills and six operations of the total of 35 active firefighters and the four youths. Particularly noteworthy is the willingness of six active members who have been trained as respiratory protection advisors. Thanks to the kronach fire department, it is possible to hold a training course. In the meantime, ten active firefighters have been trained and are now serving with the knellendorf fire department. Cooperation among the small fire departments is written here very roughly.

Participate in youth olympics

Annalena gohl was pleased that the youth fire department was again very active and among other things, the youth flame or. The test of knowledge of the youth fire departments passed. They also have big plans for 2019, because in addition to the district performance march, they would also like to participate in the youth olympics.

But the fire department is not only exemplary in the area of youth, but also in the area of children’s fire brigades. In the fall of 2018, after a long preparation, a children’s fire department with ten children could be founded. Justine hofmann reported as leader of numerous group evenings such as participation in a torchlight hike in tettau or the visit of a cinema performance in kronach.

Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein thanked the fire brigade for their tireless work and activities, in the cultural area of glosberg as well as in the active protection of the population. He was particularly pleased about the proud number of respiratory protection team members. The fire department was promised by the mayor that in connection with the festival necessary work will be carried out on the building, for example, the renovation of the staircase.

As a representative of the district council, wolfgang beiergroblein, together with district fire inspector matthias schuhback, was able to award the state badge of honor in gold to the chairman thomas baierlipp for 40 years of active service.

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