Victory goes to the flags in stoppage time

Victory goes to the flags in stoppage time

Close to the first win of the season was the spvgg jahn forchheim in the bayernliga nord. Unlike the opening draw in bruck, when they came back from 1:3 down, coach christian springer's team conceded the equalizer in stoppage time in their first home game of the season. FSV erlangen-bruck, led by double goal scorer adem selmani, had a 5:1 win in ansbach, while ATSV erlangen got a steamer in gebenbach and SC eltersdorf was unable to follow up their opening derby win.

Baiersdorfer SV in the northeastern landesliga did better and can talk about a successful start to the season after their second consecutive win with zero points. The promoted team from herzogenaurach sold itself dearly at SC schwabach, but came away empty-handed.

Bayernliga north: spvgg jahn forchheim – SV seligenporten 2:2

For the first home game of the new bavarian league season, coach christian springer changed the starting lineup in comparison to the 3:3 against FSV bruck only in one position. For timo noppenberger stood timo goldammer in midfield. At last year's regional league team SV seligenporten, the two ex-jahn players mergim bajrami and artan selmani started from the beginning. Both players showed an extra dose of motivation.

After a clear opening phase, tom jackel beat two opponents on the edge of the sixteen and shot at goal. The ball was hit at an angle, but goalkeeper dominic dachs deflected the shot with his fingertips over the crossbar. On the other side was marco janz after a free kick alone in front of goalkeeper tino stahl, but he made himself wide and was shot. When the game was actually already in the half-time, the SVS had still a remarkable play uber right, which dino kardovic lifted towards the second post, where the small theodoros petrakis headed in (45.).

There couldn't have been a worse time for the home side, but the jahn still turned up the heat after the break. With a filigree hackvorlage sent tom jackel jens wartenfelser steeply and this pushed the ball to 1:1 in (50.). Substitute drazen misic grabbed the ball in the 56th minute. And in the 57. Minute a heart and drosch on the long corner. The first attempt went just past the post, the second bounced off the inside post into the net for 2:1.

"After that we had two good counterattacking opportunities, where we have to close the bag", regretted springer. The opponent had his boys in the grip, but in the 91. In the 45th minute, tim olschewski headed a corner ball into the goal for 2:2. "The opponent had a good qualitat. We had them under control in the final phase, but unfortunately it can still happen that a standard slips through", said the jahn coach.
Jahn: stahl – jerundow, tischler, hagen (67. Uttinger), muller (71. Noppenberger), goldammer (41. Misic), stadtler, wartenfelser, gungor, nagengast, jackel

Landesliga nordost: FC lichtenfels – baiersdorfer SV 0:3

Lightning start for the guests, who set the course for victory with a double strike: maximilian kundt was not attacked and scored flat from 17 meters to 0:1 (3.), two minutes later set christian kraus worth seeing nico geier in scene, who raised from close range to 0:2. The home side was shocked and had little to oppose in the first half. Baiersdorf was also subsequently more biting, won most of the duels, loved the FCL little space and was therefore defensively hardly put before problems.

Only shortly before the break did the upper franconians wake up and do more for the game, but overall there was too little. Symptomatic was an attack in the 58th minute. Minute: the home side lost the ball at the opposing corner flag, and baiersdorf brought geier into position over three stations, who increased the lead to 0:3 with a fine shot. With this the drops was sucked. The crossbar stood in the way of the agile fabian schwab (72).), just like on the opposite side the lichtenfelser maar, which had thereby the best chance of the FC in the entire play (75.). After that both teams had shot their powder, the BSV won absolutely deservedly.
BSV: fever – weiler, schmitt (68. Ice man), N. Schwab, lee, vulture, grabert, F. Schwab, kraus, kundt (54. Hofmann), reinhardt

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