Rough danger in narrow sections in egloffstein

Rough danger in narrow sections in egloffstein

The development of the "schlehbuhl" building area is nearing completion. After the tender had brought in some interesting bids, the submission could take place. After weighing up all the important factors, the local council decided on the cheapest option and awarded the contract to a company from the market town of wiesenttal to build the new bridge for around 278 euros.000 euro to carry out the civil engineering works (canal-water and trench construction). Construction starts in april and should be completed by the end of may.

The municipal outdoor swimming pool is also finished in the negative sense, which is why the feelers were already put out last fall to modernize the rough water basin – water runs out here, the basin sinks – and other structures and equipment. At the meeting, mayor stefan fortsch (CSU) was instructed to negotiate a contract with the specialized architecture firm krautloher in order to find out what concept and what costs would be possible for the renovation.

With this, the municipality wants to go into the starting holes and wait for the approval of a high demand for the renovation of the open-air swimming pool to come from munich as soon as possible. Already in august last year, the architekturburo had carried out an inspection, the result of which was not very good for the existing buildings. It came in the appraisal on 1.4 million euro for the reorganization of the outdoor swimming pool and on approximately 2.7 million euro for a new building. So this is the range of cost estimates.

Hoping for a challenge

Councilman christian hopfengartner calculated that with the renovation costs of 1.4 million euros, about 150.000 euros of architects' fees can be included. 30 percent of this is for the first stage of the architect's work: preliminary planning, cost estimation and design planning. One hopes now instandig in the local council that the assumptions traded in the geruchtekuche, according to which the bavarian state establishes a rough demand pot for the reorganization of free baths by the end of the year, becomes true.

Dangerous spot

Wolfgang wiesenhutter was approached by burghers to advocate a speed limit of 30 km/h in the center of egloffstein. Many residents find the rough tractors with their rough trailers traveling too fast in the village. The ensuing discussion among the council members confirmed this wish, which is especially desired for markgrafenstrabe with its narrow sections. Due to the fact that some stretches of the road are wide and others very narrow, the correct speed is often underestimated and dangerous encounters occur. Besides, the danger of being "hit" by a vehicle is great to be left one of the houses on the road.

Mayor fortsch reported that this request was made to the road construction authority several years ago. Antal said that after an inspection of the narrow sections of the road, she had found that it was not possible to drive faster than 30 km/h and that a speed limit would not improve the situation. Now a renewed push for speed reduction is to be made to the authorities.

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