How much campaigning can the electorate take?

How much campaigning can the electorate take?

Dear party friends, dear readers, you don't have it easy at the moment, because soon you will have to decide where to put your crosses in the state and federal elections. They influence how things will go politically in bavaria and germany in the coming years. Not an easy choice. Especially not when it is made so difficult for them.

Politicians fight for votes and voters fight with the election campaign. What do you have to listen to at the moment?! The tinnitus of the election campaign is not far off.

Rarely dam-like ideas are proposed, truths are skilfully covered up, opponents are verbally beaten up. There is a lot of name-calling about who can't do what. And as if that wasn't enough, politicians parade through all the nation's villages to ingratiate themselves. There, the temporary nomads are welcomed by proud local politicians and dragged off to hunt for votes in senior citizens' homes and other social institutions. Laughing, nodding, praising: "the village has a wonderful community!" Laugh, nod, next village – and recycle the laudatory sentence there.

Politicians usually never find such clear words. With really important topics one talks around it, until all have forgotten the actual question. When people talk long enough, it doesn't matter if the answer no longer fits the question. The wahler has already switched off anyway.

With all the hickhack and constant mumbling, do you even know what the individual parties want and how they want to govern the country?? The closer the election, the more the "essentials" become invisible to the eye."

How can you make a decision? Promises, ideas and campaign slogans – the absolute sensory overload.

But luckily they have us: the party in franken! Starting in mid august, we will take up the important election issues one by one. These are the issues that you sent us before the election campaign dons really heib has run.

That's why they stay loyal to us, because with us they don't lose sight of the bigger picture!

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