Cup “king” hecking: “feels crazy”

Cup 'king' hecking: 'feels crazy'

The borsigplatz, already prepared for a farewell party, remained empty. Instead of jurgen klopp, dieter hecking presented the coveted DFB cup to a good 30,000 cheering fans – and 300 km away from the cult city of dortmund, he sent wolfsburg into a hitherto unheard-of victory frenzy.

"We can celebrate for another hour and a half and then finally leave, i can’t see you anymore," shouted hecking, exhausted from the continuous party at the triumphant reception in wolfsburg on sunday afternoon.

"I’m insanely proud of it," the wolfsburg coach said after his vfl’s 3-1 final victory over BVB: "it was an outstanding season. That can give a boost."Close to the border of trances, the 50-year-old said: "it feels totally crazy."

Hecking’s outburst of emotion after his first title as a soccer teacher was not intended as a jab at his deposed colleague klopp. But he outlined the mood after the 72. National cup finals aptly. Ex-champion borussia has lost not only cult coach klopp after 319 full-throttle games in more than seven years, but also its position as soccer power number two in world champion germany. "It won’t be easy for BVB to play at the top in the coming season. Wolfsburg can become the second power behind bayern in terms of potential," said national coach joachim low.

Hecking had already shed his usual modesty at the moment of his biggest triumph to date, which brought his club a record trophy sum of 3.5 million euros. After the well-deserved victory, he donned a baseball cap with the word "king" on it. "My two sons were running around with the mutze today. One of them said, if you win the cup, please wear this cap," hecking said, "and a father can’t refuse his son anything. That’s why I’m sitting here with the mummy. But she fits."

During the press conference, "king" hecking and his cup heroes started the long party that will last until late sunday. The cap was spooled from a beer shower of vfl stars naldo and vieirinha from hecking’s head. In the berlin scene club "schindler& klatt" on the spree experienced the celebration for the goal scorers luiz gustavo (22. Minute), kevin de bruyne (33.) and bas dost (38.) as well as all other wolfsburg their first high point.

Young star maximilian arnold in particular proved to be a "party animal. "From the 80. Minute I really got goose bumps. I was freezing, I was cold, I was shivering, I was happy, there was a lot going on. It’s so awesome," arnold stammered deep into the night and gave out the slogan: "if we completely relegate ourselves today, that’s exactly right."

With the beery party it went on seamlessly after a night of drinking in berlin in wolfsburg. Most of the players pulled an all-nighter and arrived directly for the special train departure in the capital city. At 12.40 o’clock vfl captain diego benaglio held out the trophy to the waiting fans in front of wolfsburg’s main train station. Several thousand supporters accompanied the team on the motorcade to the town hall, where a further 28,000 fans were waiting on arrival two hours later and kept singing party hits.

"The guys, the city, the club – everyone is proud," naldo said. The central defender had initiated the final turnaround with his hammer free kick, which was unfortunately deflected by BVB goalkeeper mitch langerek. Because after the early lead of pierre-emerick aubameyang (5.) the BVB still had all the trumps in their hands.

Dortmund did not take advantage. "People told me that it would have been too cheesy if we had won the cup as a farewell to the coaching team, too american style," klopp remarked at dortmund’s cup banquet on losers’ night. Instead of the truck on the borsigplatz formulated in the berlin "kraftwerk" his parting thoughts: "thank you for the understanding. It’s not important how you find someone when they arrive, but when they leave. No matter where I go, I’ll never forget you guys."

In 16 minutes, the vice-champion vfl had previously presented its new qualities. The people in charge around allofs ("this is a great satisfaction") will do everything to ensure that, unlike after the championship win in 2009, the vfl is permanently bayern’s number one and can even threaten the record champion. "Now we have to saddle up again and become even more compact, maybe add a bit of qualitat," stressed "macher" allofs.

However, the manager’s top priority was to deal with his star de bruyne, who is the bundesliga’s number one goal scorer and is at the top of the wish lists of many top european clubs – despite his contract with the vfl until 2019. "This is not the right time now," the 23-year-old belgian jubilantly fended off all questions about his future. With a possible salary increase, the VW branch vfl could make the decision easier for their superstar.

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