Mountain mass by torchlight

Mountain mass by torchlight

The mountain mass at the crossroads at the end of the mine road was an impressive experience for many believers at dusk in the light of torches and many lanterns. Church caretaker elvira ludwig had invited to the event.

The reason for the mountain fair was the erection of a wayside cross 15 years ago. Hans ludwig, a former farm worker for the municipality of stockheim, accidentally found the corpus of a christ figurine. The couple hans and elvira ludwig finally came up with the idea of erecting a wayside cross in november 2004, which was blessed by the then pastor baptist schaffer in a ceremonial act.

Since then, many walkers have paused in front of the cross and certainly said the prayer that originated in sudtirol. "My friend, where are you going?? Don’t forget that i’m your looser! That I have suffered so much for you, so stand still and give me a big thank you! My jesus mercy." Again and again flowers were laid and a small lantern, donated out of gratitude, adorns the cross, informed elvira ludwig.

From the gotteshaus st. Wolfgang, the community of believers made an expectant pilgrimage to the ludwig estate. Deacon wolfgang fehn then celebrated a moving mountain mass with numerous people from stockheim, which left a deep impression on everyone. The brass band of the bergmannskapelle stockheim with chairman thomas neubauer provided the musical accompaniment.

In thoughtful words deacon fehn reminded of the importance of the mountains in the old and new testament. "The mountains lift our gaze upward, not only to the peaks, but also to the one who created it all. And the one who not only made it, but also carries it on and sustains it – all of our lives." Mountains already played an important role in the old testament, says deacon. In particular, he recalled mount sinai, where moses received the tablets of the law with the ten commandments. Finally, jesus had his central message on a mountain in his "sermon on the mountain" announced. Afterwards, the visitors were invited to enjoy tea, mulled wine and lard sandwiches. The extensive preparatory work was done by church administrator elvira ludwig with helpers from the catholic women’s association stockheim. Gf

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