Hammelburg residents plan own workshop on traffic issue

Hammelburg residents plan own workshop on traffic issue

The citizens’ initiative for traffic calming is trying to push through its demands in various ways. It has once again written a letter to the mayor armin warmuth (CSU) and the city council members.

The letter refers to the burgers meeting of 1. October, where the traffic situation was the main topic of discussion. "The many messages from affected citizens have once again clearly shown the precarious situation in the residential streets that are used as bypasses. Everyone knows and is aware that things can’t go on like this, and especially for the time of the reconstruction of bahnhofstrabe, a suitable detour concept must ensure safety in the residential streets and direct the through traffic to bypasses", it says.

The citizens’ initiative still demands that pure through traffic be diverted from the residential streets to the bypass, which is actually intended for this purpose. It is sticking to the idea of planner christoph link, in particular to close the red cross road to through traffic.

The letter says: "citizens at the town hall meeting also clearly rejected the one-way solutions because, in summary, they would worsen rather than improve the traffic situation in the residential streets, especially the safety of schoolchildren." The burgerinitiative now also wants to organize its own workshop on the topic of traffic to discuss an implementation of the link concept. The workshop for all burgers will take place on 7. December instead. The citizens’ initiative has also spoken with all city council factions.

With some of these patience is obviously slowly coming to an end. So reimar gluckler (CBB) pressed for a decision in the youngest town council meeting. "For decades we have been discussing traffic policy", he said. He wanted to have the topic put on the agenda for the next city council meeting, as the citizens of burgen were waiting for a decision.

As mayor warmuth explained, he also wanted to put it on the agenda in one of the next meetings. However, he wants to let the now announced workshop of the citizens’ initiative take place first. Gluckler, however, did not expect "any new insights" from this.

The burger initiative wants to see its proposal tried out, at least on a trial basis. It is also considering temporary closures at certain times of the day as an alternative. The citizens’ initiative also asks the administration in its letter to close the motor vehicle detour route through the residential areas to traffic during the markets "when the kissinger strabe is fully closed to car traffic from friday to sunday". The displacement traffic was not to be endured.

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